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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who's In Your Five?

No, this isn't the MZone's first ad. This is a question about ring tones.

I was at lunch last week and I heard someone's cell go off. No big surprise there. But was kind of a surprise was that the ring tone was The Victors, and though I was still in Big Ten country, I wasn't in Michigan. It seemed as if everyone around me recognized the tune, though I was happy to hear that there were no catcalls from anyone in the restaurant.

I didn't know the person who was the Michigan fan, but it made me think about ring tones. I've heard quite a few in the office, and most of them cause me to snicker. I just never pictured Ray in Accounting to be such a big Avril Lavigne fan. And that may be why I've never bought a ring tone - I've always gone with whatever came with my phone.

But I would imagine our readers have a wide variety of tones. So vote below and leave some comments about some of the funniest or most embarrassing ring tones you've ever heard.

What do you use for your ring tone?
College fight song
Favorite song of all time
Current popular favorite
Something embarrassing
I'm a vibrate guy
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MGoBlue93 said...
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MGoBlue93 said...

I found a way around Verizon's lockdown of the Motorola Razr and now have The Victors on my phone too. Of course, in the office, I'm a vibrate guy.

Sports on a Schtick said...

My ringtone:
John Tesh - "Roundball Rock"

It's the theme song from NBA on NBC for the uninitiated.

Jeremy said...

I use the MMB recording of "Cheer #1," which is the "whoa yay huge first down!" song accompanied by the raise-the-roofs.

Out of Conference said...

I use the default that came with my Verizon phone. I had it as the defaultfor a while and then noticed the song's name is "Fashion"... hahaha then I felt like Captain Lightning Rod in that last skit on that dumb show "Thank God you're here". All the other default ringtones were equally lame so I just kept it.

empee said...

I have a default ringtone that is a current popular song that gets rotated, as well as custom ringtones for people I'm close to. Dad gets "Big Poppa" by Notorious B.I.G, mom has "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas, my brother has "Brother" by Alice in Chains, my college buddies get "The Victors", my roommate is an electrician and gets "Electric Avenue" by Eddie Grant. It's usually on vibrate unless I'm in my car or at my house.

I hacked my phone so I can put free ringtones on it. None of those people are worth $1.99 a song. :p

Eric said...

No vote, because no option for "Classic Old School Video Game Music". Neither popular, nor embarrassing.

Mine is set as the opening theme of Galaga.

G8RB8R said...

"Who's the leader of out team, that's made for you & me...B-O-W-D-E-N B-O-B-B-Y..."

I have to work in an office full of f$u fans, so all I had to do was sing these words one time when when my cel rang. Now, whenever it rings, it's a source of instant irritation.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

I use a bit of Tom Hammond audio from last year's ND game: "And the Wolverines are laying it to the Irish!"

Except for the week of the IU game every year, when I put on some Ufer: "OH MY GOD CARTER SCORES!"