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Friday, April 20, 2007

Two Minute Drill - NPR Version

Sure, the MZone is famous for posting pictures of cheerleaders gone bad, and Beer Bong Fridays, but we're far more cultured than you might think. And that's what led to us finding out about the following couple of posts that we thought you'd be interested in, both from National Public Radio.

The first is a week old, but it's a good synopsis of the most recent Colin Cowherd fiasco, by Wall Street Journal reporter Stefan Fatsis. In typical NPR fashion, they actually spend more than just 30 seconds to get a sound bite, and the MZone even gets mentioned, though not by name. Thanks to former sideline reporter Wangs for initially pointing this one out.

The second link is a recent story that I heard in between hitting the snooze button, but found it interesting enough to eventually wake up and listen to. The story is about a blogger who tried to introduce a Code of Conduct for people who post to her site, and the interesting reaction she received. Even though Yost and I try to let most everything go around the MZone, we've been faced with a few of the issues mentioned in the story.

1 comment:

Out of Conference said...

I bet she would have mentioned you guys by name if you were a Wisky or Gopher blog. Her bio at NPR says she attended those 2 schools. And what's up with Meeeeeshell Norris instead of just Michelle like everyone else pronouces it? If she wasn;t so freaking liberal, I'd say she has a super sexy voice.