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Monday, April 16, 2007

Too Funny Not to Post

Nothing to do with college football but made me laugh...

What Are you Gonna Do To The Monster - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!


One Man Gang said...

This again.

OK I'm going to be the party pooper who takes the "this is totally innappropriate" stance.

One of two things has happened here. This child has either (A) Been taught to say the word "ass" for the specific purpose of becoming a youtube celebrity, which is not in any way appropriate for a child of his/her age, or (B) has been exposed to the term "kick your ass" enough times in the home to understand its meaning and context. Which is also not appropriate, even if it is standard practice in Ohio.

Simply put, this is what happens when white trash procreates and has access to a computer.

emags said...

Hey... I linked to this on wigwamlinks.blogspot.com.

Keep up the good work and go blue!

P.S. For more child-swearing awesomeness... http://funnyordie.com/v1/view_video.php?viewkey=3efbc24c7d2583be6925

MGoBlue93 said...

onemangang... I thought the same thing. I must be getting old. Nothing like trying to correct your toddler for cussing and giggling while you do it; nice technique mom!

As we say at work "dub-tee".

Kirbdaddy said...

Nice potty mouth!!! Next he'll be saying "Fuck Michigan!!!" Definitely a future Ohio State Fan!

BTW, I was talking to my wife and uttered the word "Pussy" (way too complicated to explain why I talking about pussy, and no I was not trying to get any) right as my 2-year-old nephew walks into the room. He looked right at us and said, you guessed it, "PUSSY!" We laughed our asses off to say the least.