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Monday, April 23, 2007

Props to our Big 10 Brethren

While we're quick to poke fun at our rivals here at the MZone, we want to be just as quick to tip our caps to them when appropriate. And today, Ohio State and Penn State deserve major props. Both schools did college football proud over the weekend, paying tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre at their respective spring football games.

On Saturday, many Penn State fans attending the Nittany Lions' Blue-White game made Beaver Stadium look like more of an Orange and Maroon game as they wore the Hokie colors to show their support. The student section even spelled out "VT" and a moment of silence was observed while the Penn State band, also wearing orange, played "Amazing Grace."

The tragedy in Blacksburg last week hit close to home in State College as one of those killed was Jeremy Herbstritt, a civil engineering graduate student who had two undergraduate degrees from Penn State. Herbstritt grew up just 15 minutes from Beaver Stadium and his father works for the school's Office of Physical Plant.

According to the AP story linked above, Herbstritt's girlfriend and members of his family met with Paterno before the game, and presented him with Herbstritt's maroon Virginia Tech cap, nearing moving the longtime coach to tears. Paterno walked into a pre-game news conference with the cap in his hand.

In Columbus, the Ohio State Buckeyes wore the Virginia Tech logo on their helmets for their spring game at The 'Shoe. According to the OZone, coach Jim Tressel called Hokie coach Frank Beamer, a longtime acquaintance, first before moving ahead with the tribute.

"We called for permission to order some of their decals and put them on the side of our helmet. I didn't want to just assume that was OK without checking in and he said it was. He was honored by the gesture and he appreciated our guys thoughts," Tressel said.

Way to go, Bucks and Nittany Lions. We salute you.


Jeremy said...

It's times like these I wish Michigan weren't so pathetic and half-assed with our teams' first public exhibitions. We had a whopping 5,000 people at the spring game. Yawn. The other time is midnight madness for basketball.

Andy said...

Jeremy, it was about 10 degrees when we played our spring game.

Anyway... it was nice to see Penn State & Ohio State do that.

Reid said...

Why was our spring game a week before everyone elses? All these huge crowds had two things we didn't:

1. Great weather
2. A real spring GAME, not a practice

I thought the spring game was supposed to be the final practice day allowed. Does that mean we stopped practicing a week early or that we still did work after the "game"?

McBain said...

Classy move. Nice work, OSU and PSU.

Mathew said...

I attended MSU's Green and White game on Saturday and they also had VT stickers on their helmets, as well as a moment of silence before the game.

Jeff said...

I kinda got chills just seeing that picture of an OSU helmet with a VT sticker.

JB said...

It is nice to see college sports bring out the best in people. (in Penn State's case over 71,000 people!)

WhetstoneBuck said...

Thank God for the diversion that sports bring to our lives. However, when it's all said and done, football and rivalries are just that.

Thanks to PSU, OSU, MSU and this site for keeping things in perspective.

Every now and then a gut-check is healthy.

Joe said...

Alabama also had a moment of silence for VT at their spring game Saturday. Great to see colleges rally around VT like this.

TitleIX said...

Last Friday The Rock was painted with a VT on the front.
Someone painted over it, BUT put the VT on the back and it has been there all weekend even tho other things are painted elsewhere on The Rock.

Major class to whoever painted the VT in the first place, and to those that followed who have left it there....

(although, LIBERAL BIAS SPOILER ALERT>>>> how many rocks shall we paint for our soldiers and the Iraqis?? I'm just askin'.....)