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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ode to Michigan

Folks, it's not just the football team and U-M, but a deep love of the entire state of Michigan that we celebrate here at the MZone. As such, we pass along this touching and beautiful poem that so vividly captures the very essence of Michigan.


by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

"Shit, it's fucking cold!"

The End

(HT: GS)


G8RB8R said...

Abigail wrote an ode about Florida, too...."Goddam, it's hot!"

Bo said...

And she wrote the famous ode to friendship:
"The sun kisses the morning sky,
the breeze kisses the butterfly,
the dew kisses the morning grass,
and you, my friend, can kiss my ass."

Abigail was truly fucking special.

Out of Conference said...

Abigail put together a sweet bar toast as well-
"Here's to honor. If you can't come in her, come honor."

(Don't use that as a wedding toast unless you're at Ron Jeremy's wedding or you're using a new line to recreate the best man toast scene in Old School.)

Aye, Abigail was indeed a special lass.

ohio_guy said...

one of the best posts you had on here