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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Uh...I'm speechless.

Below, an Ohio State student turns to YouTube to improve his dating options. In a nutshell, he plays guitar, used to do a lot of drugs (but not anymore) and has six-pack abs. But don't take our word for it...

Ok, show of hands - who else didn't know Sanjaya went to Ohio State?


Reed said...

I like that he didn't bother to close his dresser drawers before shooting this video. Chix love a good slob...

Out of Conference said...

I think this guy is trolling for the wrong type of fish.

AndrewWL said...

Ah yes, Juels is a fixture on the Oval. I guess I'm not surprised about the video considering the lines he used on my girlfriend (they didn't work, I maintain that she has bad taste, but not that bad).

Please don't consider him to be representative of the rest of us.

Go bucks!

JPL said...

"I'm going to UC-Irvine, which is in Laguna Beach..."

Andy said...

Whatever happened to the days when you were tired of being single and you went to the bar ?

Skate on Jules !!!!!

zen wizard said...

Hey--it's hard to meet women at Ohio State, and sometimes you have to resort to desperate measures.

I mean, there are only 20,000 single females between 18-24 on the campus, so it's slim pickin's.

McBain said...

Are we sure that's not Brad Renfro circa 1995

Danny said...

i need the link to this bad...cant query off utube

Juice said...

Sweet Heysoos. No matter how much I drink, I'm glad I have enough awareness to never put something on the internet (voluntarily, mind you). Irvine and Laguna, same thing....yeah. I kept waiting for the skateboard to come flying out of the corner to hit him in his teeth.

dennis said...

I think he will be bitterly disappointed when he finds out that UC-Irvine is located in Irvine, CA and not in Laguna Beach.

Too bad you can't blame that on an education from tosu.

Ryan said...

yea. im sorry that you all have to see this video. This dude lived down the hall from me last year for a quarter after being kicked out of a dorm for having a sword in the room. Yea... a samurai sword, a fuckin katana. Then was kicked out of our dorm promptly for pestering the residents, he wouldnt leave anyone the hell alone. And playing the guitar at 3 am, that helped him get booted too. Anyway, hes basically tried to get on anything with a vagina and failed miserably. Quoting "andrewwl", 'please dont consider him to be representative of the rest of us'.

We all hate him too.

Ryan said...


I have literally dropped classes because I hated being in them with this douche. I'm actually surprised that he didn't go to USC.

It's a shame he had to grace us with his presence.