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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

M Go Banner!

Brian at the always excellent MGoBlog is choosing a new banner for his site via a banner contest made up of reader submissions. Among the finalists is a good one by regular MZone reader (and contributor) Andrew Woolley.

Click on the link above to check them all out.


TideInTx said...

What, No banner with fans shaking their keys?

Andy said...

Thanks guys.

I am in 4th place now.

Unlike Coach Carr before the BCS - I AM going to campaign for votes...

TitleIX said...

So, of course I've voted a zillion times for my guy Andy, BUT
is that BENNY on B. Allen's submission????

Jeremy said...

I made the Tacopants one. (No need to edit the post; just sharing the inter-blog readership love)

Andy said...

I like the Tacopants idea. This is certainly going to cause a great controversy. But if tacopants or any other banner wins, all the University presidents need to get together immediately and put together a playoff system. I feel my banner is more deserving because my conference is tougher and I don't want to have to tell my kids, who watched me shoot the photo that their dad did not win. I'm going to need help with that one...

beast in 'bama said...

Andy, do you need me to call Mack Brown?