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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kneel Before Zod!

It's official: The University of Florida is the supreme ruler of the college sports universe and the rest of us are all just their bitches.

Last night in the NCAA final, Florida won its second basketball title in a row, beating Ohio State 84-75 by shooting something like 98.6% from behind the 3-point arc. Their latest basketball title comes just three months after the Mighty Gators grabbed the BCS title in football, a title in which Ohio State again played the of Second Best Bitch.

Florida is the only school in history to hold the title in the two biggest men's sports at the same time.

They also are close to grabbing the title of Most Hated School in Columbus away from the University of Michigan.



The SEC issues the following statement:

"We might let a future bunch of goobs from The Land of High-Waters Pants win a game - if they can prove they can count."

Who is the 11th team in the "Big Ten plus the Ignored One"?

ohio_guy said...

Florida > Ohio State > a whole buch of other schools > Michigan > another bunch of other schools

beast in 'bama said...

While watching the game I kept thinking what a great job Jeremy Foley and...Hey! Who is the Ohio State AD, anyway?

Foley seems to get a lot of national exposure, while the Ohio State AD is totally unknown to me. Is the incumbent AD the one who hired Tressel? He's got to be the one that hired Motta. Whoever he is (I hate to admit it), he's doing a hell of a good job.

As for the Gators, their fans were insufferable before this run of dominance began. Now, they actually seem to be getting a little better.

It's too early to tell, but my obnoxious meter doesn't seem to go off the charts like it once did when I see or hear a Gator fan nowadays.

However, pending further review (and as has been since the dawn of time), I still hates me some Gators.

Sleestack90 said...

I don't understand how Florida beat us 3 times in 100 days. OSU's athletic department spent $30 million more than Florida, and that doesn't even count the illegal stuff we gave to recruits.

WhetstoneBuck said...

Only in America: Where attaining the heights of the second best sports university in a highly competitive nation...royally sucks!

I feel like Poke salad Annie. Them gators keep gettin' my granny.

Anonymous said...

An idea: maybe tOSU could cancel Elmo as the commencment speaker and hire Jim Kelley, as tOSU is now the Buffalo Bills of the college sports universe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buckeyes, instead of spelling out OHIO at the football games, make it a word all your fans now have etched on their foreheads........LOSER.

Anonymous said...


the AD at OSU is Gene Smith. He's not the one that hired Tressel (i mean G-d) or Matta. Andy Geiger (who's also responsible for some very good facilities upgrades in his tenure at OSU) hired both of those coaches, but stepped down shortly after hiring Matta.
Smith (who's a former Arizona State AD) hasn't really done too much so far. But then again, he's only been there a little over a year.

GoBlue43 said...

I guess it really is great to be a Florida Gator.

Out of Conference said...

Whew, that was close! I almost didn't make it. I intended to watch the title game. I didn't; thus making it through an whole college hoops season without once catching an entire game in person or on tv.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News:

Florida OWNS Ohio State. Florida has proven the Buckeyes are no match for them. Give it up Ohio State because you suck.
Troy Smith=worst QB ever
Jim Tressel=worst dressed coach in history
Greg Oden=baby
Thad Matta=horrible coach

Anonymous said...

So, if OSU is Florida's bitch, what does that make Meeechigan?

Mike P. said...

I posted this somewhere else but I want an answer from Big Ten folks.

Is Jim Delaney going to point out the Big Ten's strict academics as a reason for their lack of recruiting small white guys with 3 point shooting capabilities?

beast in 'bama said...

RE: Anon 7:04

Perhaps I spoke too soon about Florida fans getting better...

Anon 6:07
Thanks for the info. So this guy Smith's just got it on cruise control then. I guess as long as he stays out of Tressel and Matta's way, he's got it made.

Anonymous said...

It was fantastic watching the Gators humiliate Ohio State once again for the National Championship. When will you Big 10/11 fans learn that the SEC is the best conference in football, basketball, hockey (we don't even have teams, but if we did they would be better), and all the other sports. Give it up Michigan and Ohio State. You both suck at everything.

Hopefully Florida will get to destroy Ohio State again next year. It is fun embarrassing their crappy coaches on national television. Hopefully Michigan will be able to make the Motor City Bowl next year. They need to play a MAC team so they can end their bowl losing streak. Maybe next year Michigan basketball can play for the NIT title with coach Beilein.

Give it up Big 10/11. You're just second best at everything.

surrounded in columbus said...

actually, it's been entertaining this past weekend listening to tosu fans complain/whine about what poor sports/classless jerks FLA fans are, what a "show boat" Noah is.

pot? meet the black kettle.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State may have lost last night to Florida, but we still own Michigan. Jim Tressel and Thad Matta are so much better than LLLLoyd Carr and John Beilein. THE Ohio State will win the championship next year in both sports, while Michigan will be visiting the Alamo Bowl and the NIT.
Go Bucks. Michigan sucks.

Anonymous said...


judging by the posts left here FLA fans are far worse than OSU fans. They won, they should be celebrating, instead they're on OSU rival's site hurling insults not only at the Buckeyes, but all things Big Ten.

Don't get me wrong, if OSU were to win i'm sure plenty of idiots would make it over to the FLA blog to rub it in their face. But i don't see any of us going to Florida State's blog (or Tennessee's or 'Bama's) to insult the Gators.

Our b-ball team was the second best in the nation (and i'm fine with that). Some would call us losers. That's their problem.

surrounded in columbus said...

Anon 8:38,
i couldn't/wouldn't try to judge which group is worse. but i would note that in addition to the FLA fans, there are several tosu posts pissing on michigan, for no apparent reason.

i don't know? does retyping "F- Michigan" and "we own you" really take the sting out of having been emabarrassed by FLA 3 times in the last 100 days?

whatever the reason, and whichever is worse, you two certainly deserve each other.

OSU Rulz said...


Just waking up in the morning and knowing that I am a fan of THE Ohio State University makes me feel a lot better. I couldn't imagine waking up a Michigan fan and knowing that my school was owned by its main rival.


Anonymous said...

The New Pecking Order:

College Football:
Florida > Boise State > LSU > USC > ... > Ohio State > ... > Michigan State > ... > Illinois > ... > Northwestern > ... > Michigan

College Basketball:
Florida > Duke > North Carolina > Kansas > Kentucky > ... > Michigan State > ... > Ohio State > ... > Michigan.

Hope everyone knows where the teams stand now. The Big Ten/Eleven is so overrated.

Chadwick said...

What is the deal today? It seems like every single Ohio State fan is coming here to vent and the Florida fans have followed them. I thought this website was about Michigan, but it is slowly morphing into the I hate Michigan, Ohio State and Big Ten Blog.

ohio_guy said...


I fail to see the logic in why teams who did not make the national championship games (LSU, Boise State, USC, Duke, Kansas, UNC, Kentucky, MSU)are ranked higher in your scheme than one that did (Ohio State).

Do you also think that the Broncos and 49ers are better than the Bears?

surrounded in columbus said...

sorry but i don't have much trouble waking up. it's been a tough 3 year stretch, but not like we've gone 2-11-1 over an entire decade, is it? i suppose you can ask me again in other 7 years if we only win one out of that stretch.

btw- what's there for you to imagine about being "owned"? or did you sleep thru the 80's & the 90's?

feel better about last night, now?

jagnole said...

Now you big 10 people know what inbred douches the UF fanbase truly is. Up until a year ago they had no tradition, and now they don't know what to do with themselves. That is, except become oxygen thiefs and not act like they've been there before, because, well, they haven't. FSU fans wouldn't come here to talk shit, because for the most part we have a thing called class. Ohio state and UF do deserve each other. I'm sure they could teach each other a thing or 2 about cow tipping or kissing cousins.

OSU Rulz said...


Get used to losing for the next seven years. Lloyd Carr can't get the job done and when he decides to retire watch out for Bill Martin. He will probably hire someone like John Beilein; an unproven loser. Michigan's program will continue to disintegrate into a second/third tier program. The Motor City Bowl will become their goal and OSU will finally have no competition whatsoever.


surrounded in columbus said...

OH YEAH! well my dad can beat up your dad!

seriously, how old are you? 12?

Gator Dynasty said...

To All Michigan Fans:

We found out who the real Fab Five is last night. Florida's Fab Five, consisting of Noah, Horford, Brewer, Humphrey, and Green, is the best starting lineup every assembled. No doubt about it. Want to know why? They are clean (don't take bribes/money), and have actually won titles.

Can Michigan's Fab Five say the same thing? No, not at all. They never won the Big Ten. Chris Webber took money and had his fabulous timeout incident. They were a complete and utter joke.

Long live the real Fab Five.


surrounded in columbus said...

like when did you ever read anywhere (in this century, at least) anyone from michigan braggin about the five???

and did you even read the original post by yost (arrgh- did i just type that?)? other than declare you the current rulers of ncaa sports, what did it say to offend you?

yeech. FLA fans may actually be bigger a-holes than tosu. who'd a thunk it???

steve g said...

I vote that anonymous comments get blocked again. It's ridiulous how stupid their stuff is.

Rob G said...

The problem with being a UF fan, is that you share a team with half of North Florida---an area full of idiot rednecks. Those people then go to the public library, and post anonymously on mzone with stupid comments. Sorry about them.

I like the article though, I don't mind UF being compared to a Kryptonian. In fact, as a huge nerd, I find it awesome.

Just don't send me to the Phantom Zone.

TitleIX said...

Why are all the Florida fans heading to Michigan blogs??? Perhaps it is due to their inappropriate application of the transitive principle?

Sorry, Gator Nation but it doesn't work like that. Congrats for denying a national title to tOSU TWICE! Good on you and all, but no need to yammer on about Michigan.....

Rob G said...


I'm a UF fan and I read Mzone because it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State domination returns to the Big Ten next year. Book it. No more playing around with Michigan and the rest of the teams. We won't settle for anything less than Big Ten Championships and National Titles.



True, tOSU may have something to talk about next year... that Oden guy is a monster.

Any chance tOSU could get Bammer on its schedule next year? I'd pay to see that slaughter...

Kirbdaddy said...

Top starting five of all time??? This Gator squad couldn't carry the '96 Kentucky's jock (the starting 5 or the second 5).

As for next year, Florida is losing alot of talent in both Football and Basketball (top 5-6 players, GONE! Donovan possibly going to basketball heaven at Kentucky.) and will not repeat in either sport. The Gators had a great run this year, but GET REAL!!!

Kirbdaddy said...

Also, did anyone notice Zod and Billy D. have the same haircut???

Fear the Widow's Peak!!!

Gator Belly said...

The Buckeyes are just our newest wannabe bitch. The University of Georgia will always be our REAL bitch, thank you.

Hallard said...

I found this site by googling "Florida's Bitch"


Hallard said...

I found this site by Googling "Florida's Bitch"