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Monday, April 23, 2007

I wonder if Houston Nutt took second...

A 13 year-old school girl won the U.S. Text Messaging Championship in New York over the weekend. The youngster beat out 250 competitors and trained by sending on average 8,000 text messages a month to her friends -- an astonishing rate of one every five and a half minutes.

At a hastily called news conference, Arkansas head football coach Houston "The Text Message King" Nutt denied any of the 8,000 messages were to him but said, with just a bit more practice, he could have a shot at the title next year.

"Eight-thousand may sound like a lot...if you're an 8th grader without a full-time job," said an unimpressed Nutt. "But let's see if she can put up those sorts of numbers while leading a major college football team to a bowl game. You level the playing field like that, and I bet I'd kick the kid's ass."


Out of Conference said...

Before I comment on the tidings in Fayetnam that are, as Beast stated, "Crazier than a sack of weasels", how messed up is it that there is a competition for text messaging for kids? That's even worse than a freaking competion for stacking up cups and unstacking them, like I see spreading across the country like wildfire. Get your kid outside- play catch, pitch a ball to your kid to hit, play kickball, go ice skating (if it's winter), go fishing, go to the park, go for a hike, get him a BB gun and shoot cans, get him in motion somehow.

NOw re: the Nutt situation - that's just screwed up. Bama fans are thankful that the whole Nutt soap opera has take nthe magnifying glass off them for a while.

Pig Slop said...

As an Arkansas graduate from the glorious 60's, this is funny. We're having our ups and downs but these just happened to be more publicized more than most. There will be more Universities who will have their day in the sun and press. We've hired a great basketball coach in John Phelphrey and football is back on track. Speaking of track......how many schools, other than Arkansas, say they have over 45 national championships in one sport? Coach Broyles is taking a lot of heat but he's not the problem. Look at our facilities and they look like the 22nd century compared to most programs. That thanks is to Coach Broyles. Oh yeah, Alabama is glad Arkansas took the heat off their program for a while. 92K at a spring game? Man, I'll bet Alabama had to close down all the five and dimes, turkey hunting season and liquor stores.

Out of Conference said...

You're right, Pig Slop - when Wal-Mart found out that 92k Bama fans would be in one spot, they requested an emergency building permit to build a Super Wal-Mart in the parking lot.

Maybe our women will give yours a run for their money in track this year (SoCar) like we did a couple years ago and won it all. We just picked up the women's national championship in equestrian last weekend. It really, really f'ing sucks when we're calling out those sports as our only national title accolades.
By the way - Baum Stadium is one freaking impressive baseball stadium you have and shames most AAA parks. I understand removations are in the works. Our new stadium should compete against Baum now, but new Baum? Doubtful.

Andy said...

My son sent over 1000 text messages last month. I can't imagine 8000 in one month.

TitleIX said...

uh, Andy...
two questions:
1) does the boy still have his phone????
2) was that more or less than your number???? ;-)