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Monday, April 02, 2007

I leave for a couple days and...

Yost. Yost, Yost, Yost.

Last week, I was out for a few days with the worst cold I've had in years. So when I get back to work Friday to see what nuggets my blogging cohort Yost put up while I was convalescing, I discover the MZone has become the T&AZone. Between stories about girls masturbating at fraternities and half-naked tOSU co-eds making out, it was like Cinemax Skinemax at 2 a.m. (not that I know about that, of course).

My God, what happened to talk about Michigan football? The mocking of the fans of that team in our own conference that dominates the two most important college sports? In short, where is the clean, wholesome family entertainment people have come to know and expect around here like the Blog Co-ed Showdown and the Greatest Recruiting Video Ever.

Now, I haven't checked our site meter yet, but I can't imagine we picked up many new readers with you peddling your smut disguised as MZone material. Because our audience is better than that. They want strictly X and Os about college football, not XXX about hot co-eds.

That's why, now that I've returned, I'm ready to get the MZone back on track.

Later this week, I will begin my daily series that analyzes each position for Michigan, starting Thursday with the guards along with a look back at the history of offensive line adjustments in the 60s and 70s vis a vis different defensive schemes. No more semi-naked chicks. Just football, football, football. Period.

Okay, okay, I'm just kidding. But I promise we'll talk football at some point before August.

And for those who can't live without pictures of scantily clad women - but still have to keep their cubicle jobs - I present some hotties who will still get the blood flowing but do it with class.

Note the difference, Yost.


Anonymous said...

Looking at this mornings post, this site sure has gone downhill just over the weekend. Bring back the quality smut.

Q1Go said...

Legs are "gams" not "yams"

Anonymous said...

Look at those dames! Hot diggity Dog! You made this old geezer's day! Thanks from the old folks home.

ohio_guy said...

"that team in our own conference that dominates the two most important college sports"


Mike P. said...

That picture was from when cheerleaders did the Charleston to get the crowd going.

I concur with the others on giving Yost creative control of photography. Benny can do the writing...not that anyone will be reading with pictures like those.

Anonymous said...

HEY, THAT'S MY MOM!!! You a$$holes!

MGoBlue93 said...

I dunno... I thought the pic of Jimmy Clausen pleasuring himself was right on.

Anon... damn, your mom is HOT!