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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


No, this post isn't about more racist remarks by fired shock jock Don Imus. It deals with some really stupid hot chicks, the Pussycat Dolls, and, believe it or not, is at least tangentially a college football-related story suitable for the MZone.

Now, in case you're not familiar with them, the Pussycat Dolls started off in the mid 90s as a burlesque dance troupe in Los Angeles ("burlesque" being the classy way of saying strippers). But, they morphed into a pop group in 2003 and have released several hit songs including "Don't Cha."

While very attractive, no one would ever confuse them with being members of MENSA. Especially after this latest incident.

Recently, the group was opening for Christina Aguilera in Columbus. Naturally, like all singers, they wanted to suck up to and bond with the local crowd. And what better way to do that in Columbus but to be pro-Ohio State, right?


According to the Columbus Dispatch, the main Pussycat and former Wright State University student Nicole Scherzinger said to the 9,000 fans in attendance, "When I was in school, we used to hear that Ohio State was where the party was at! Is that right, y'all? Let me hear you! I know you know what to say when I say this: 'H-O!' You say . . ."

Apparently the crowd politely - if unenthusiastically - still replied "I-O."


Wright State must be so proud.


Out of Conference said...

Reminds me of the time Duff for Guns 'N Roses shouted in Columbia at a concert in 1992, "We love you, Columbus!"

Sundawg said...

Who give a shit what they say; eye candy should be seen and not debated.

Besides, the proper response from the crowd should have been, "Yes, you're a HO!"

Christ, this ain't rocket science.

G8RB8R said...

Oh, ho hum. Doncha remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

PeterGriffin said...

HO I O! Amazing... absolutely amazing

zen wizard said...

Dylsexia is a serious disease and you should not be making nuf of it!!

Out of Conference said...

So, um, is their an online petition to get these ladies back in burleqsue and away from the recording studio?
And frankly Yost, what kind of bullshit half-ass reporting is this when you didn;t even take the time to post historical photographs for reference from their days dancing. Gosh!

Out of Conference said...

their = there
didn;t = didn't

Ymike said...

No comment on the situation at VT? Maybe there has been..and I just missed it.

GH said...

Ironic that Carmen Electra, who helped them become what they are, is from Ohio.