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Friday, April 27, 2007

Classy, mom. Classy.

In honor of playoff hockey, we bring you the clip below. According the description at Break.com "some foul mouthed mom hurls obscenities as her 28 year old son gets his ass kicked in a hockey game."

And hurl, she does. Although, what kind of mother goes to watch her 28 year old son play in his rec league game? Answer: A woman with a mouth like this.

WARNING: If you're watching this at work, turn the volume down.

Foul Mouthed Mom At Hockey Game - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!


Tennvolchamp said...

think the woman is a regular attendee at the "Holy Family Community" as advertise on the side board just to the right of little Jimmy getting his a-- kicked?

Mike said...

Something tells me I doubt she took the team out for pizza and icecream after the game.

zen wizard said...

It will be really embarrassing if he tries to bring some Longshoreman's daughter home someday.

Say, when he turns 40, and his mom allows him to start dating.

Speaking of Oedipal conflicts, she sure does love the term, "motherf***er."

Ram61 said...

She just sounds like she is a tOSU fan and that her husband sports a spectacular Buck-stache

Doug said...

Uh . . . has she never been to a hockey game before? Does she not know that fights are a treasured part of the hockey tradition?

BARman said...

Doug--no kidding! What an ignoramus. Must have been a "forgot the meds" day...

MGoBlue93 said...

TVC... I bet she has a fish emblem stuck to the back of her minivan too.

nate said...

i lovethe holy family sign in the back.