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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Breaking News: Beilein to Coach Michigan

Speaking of West Virgina...

The Detroit News is reporting that WVU's John Beilein will become the new basketball coach at the University of Michigan. The paper cited multiple sources including the father of U-M recruit Kelvin Grady.

While Michigan officials have had their sights set on Beilein since firing Tommy Amaker last month, and despite the fact that the 54 year old coach has a strong rep as a creative Xs and Os man who gets the most out of his players, some Michigan fans are already concerned that the New York native won't be able to recruit in Detroit and Flint.

Ah, just like the Michigan fan base -- the ink isn't even dry on the contract but the natives are restless and somebody out there is probably already buying up FireBeilein.com. Typical.


PeterGriffin said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! Guys you HAVE to have a new post on this... TOO FUNNY not to make it on Mzone (WV misspelled on the NIT championship tshirts "West Virgina") -

Crabapple Buck said...

I'm guessing he can spell Michigan. A good UM is good for the Big 10/11, but we will not be too worried in the near term with or without Mr. Oden.

Anonymous said...

Beilein will be fired within six years after taking Michigan to three NITs and zero NCAA Tournaments. Michigan will finish 8th or worse every season during his six years. Bill Martin will then hire a coach from Providence because we all know he loves Big East coaches. Way to go Bill Martin. Here's to another six years of sucking at basketball

surrounded in columbus said...

you're completely right. all the crap about whether he can recruit Detroit/midwest is way off base at this point. taking the program to the "next level" is a relative goal.

we've gone a decade w/ out an ncaa appearance. in the last 3 years, Beilein has taken WVU to the Elite 8, Sweet 16, and an NIT championship.

let's assume, for just a minute, he'll recruit @ Michigan at least as well as he did WVU. if he has as much success at michigan as he has had @ WVU, he'll have taken us to the "next level".

i'll start worrying about making the final four after we start making the tournament....

and, whether Beilein ends up being the "right guy" or not, Martin appears to have handled this well (or at least not made a fool of us). that's a step in the right direction.

Jim said...

Come-on, this is a solid hire. Amaker had very little coaching experience and a recruiting reputation based on one big year. He did at Michigan what he did at SH--excelled in the NIT.

Beilein has over 500 career wins and has taken three different schools to the Big Dance. He's been to the Elite 8 once and the Sweet 16 twice. Maybe he's not Billy Donovan or Koach K, but I'm excited. WV played an entertaining and fundamentally sound brand of basketball. Just give him a couple of years to get his own kids in there. I'll tell you this: I would trade their last four years for ours in a heartbeat.

surrounded in columbus said...

amen, brother.

TitleIX said...

No matter WHO is hired, MI B-ball will still be hampered by the piss-poor facilities. There is only one court for both the Men's and Women's teams...ie, Crisler.
They can't practice at the same time, and often have had to resort to using two of the courts at the IM BUILDING...the I-f'n-M building for g-d's sakes....
NO basketball victories here my friends until Uncle Bill loosens the damned purse strings.
The blueprints and plans for a new practice facility exist...in a file, in a cabinet, in his office....


srudoff said...

you guys got a coach that knows how to win the NIT - pretty much a match made in heaven no?


Anonymous said...

To Tilex (shower cleaner): Yeah, facilities.....that's what wins a NC.......by the way how is that world-class facility working out for Kentucky?

OSU Rulz said...

They are going to start calling the NIT the Beilein Invitational Tournament after he takes Michigan there for the next six years. Good luck. Hopefully you will be able to raise a couple of new NIT/BIT Championship banners in that crappy Crisler Arena. It looks and smells awful.

steve g said...

I don't think someone with the name "osu rulz" can criticize something that smells. Although he/she would know when something smells.

MGoBlue93 said...

I'd prefer to fire up the firemartinsworthlessass.com