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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogosphere has a lot to say about latest Cowherd incident

As you know, we were a little hot under the collar when we heard that our favorite radio host, ESPN's Colin Cowherd, urged his listeners to sabotage a sports blog called The Big Lead last week.

Well, apparently we weren't alone.

The site called Awful Announcing (no, it's not Cowherd's home page) compiled a list of some 30 other blogs that posted on the topic as well. Take a look. There's some good stuff there. And you must absolutely read the post on the subject by Nation of Islam Sportsblog. Pure genius.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

the ESPN ombudsman had a brief column up about this, and sounded like cowherd might get the axe...about a year late, but still.

MGoBlue93 said...

What is the link. There's something from April of 2006, but I couldn't find anything recent on ESPN.

John said...

good luck to all of u trying to get colin cowherd fired. 10,000 pro wrestling fans tried. I'm a fan of his show. But u guys are entitled to do whatever u feel necessary. I personally don't think this will even threaten his postition at ESPN. If anything, he rating will soar.
Henne for Heisman

MGoBlue93 said...

Nevermind, zls... someone sent me a link. When I Googled "ESPN ombudsman Cowherd", it sent me to an April 2006 Article.

I read the article by the newest ESPN ombudsman, the one where she states commenting about Colin's show wasn't the way she wanted to write her first article (and her original article would be on its way soon).

She only stated that Colin's latest incident formalized a policy for on air personalities at ESPN. I didn't see a passage where it "sounded like cowherd might get the ax". Were you looking at something different?

Jim said...

Zach: I didn't read it that way. The ESPN response (not the Ombudsman's) sounded a lot like baseball's response to steroids. "Well, we never had an official policy, but the next time..."

John: I think you and other defenders of Cowherd's miss the point. It isn't about his abrasive style or the fact that he is routinely critical of UM (I don't even dispute many of his points, just don't care for the way he makes them). It's not even a question of whether 10k wrestling fans or however many Michigan fans or sportsbloggers dislike him. If that were it, all you'd need to do is turn off the radio (that's what I do). If only. His MZone plagiarism, his grossly insensitive "tornado bait" comments, and now this borderline criminal DoS insitigation are things that should not be happening on-air.

This is the kind of show he's chosen to do. He likes to see him self as an instigator. People are going to return fire; it's human nature. It's something that Barry Bonds has learned the hard way, if you're gonna act like a jerk, people aren't going to be as willing to let it slide when you f**k up.

P.S. I don't believe for a second the negative buzz about his show or his methods will help him in the long run. His audience is still comprised of sports-fans. How will it benefit him to alienate one group after another? Sorry, don't buy it.

Tam N. Ly said...

This came off of Brian's blog; ESPN Ombudsmann's blog:

"Cowherd's 'attack' on blog: 'Zero tolerance'"


Erik said...

I got an email from the ombudsman's assistant about it. It's not firing the guy, but it was a nice touch.