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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Arizona Wolverines?

Apparently their experiences with John Navarre and Earnest Shazor did not sour the Arizona Cardinals on drafting ex-Wolverines. Two Michigan players, Alan Branch in the second round and Steve Breaston in the fourth round, were taken by Arizona in this weekend's NFL draft. The feeling of the Cardinals was summed up on their Web site Sunday night with this quote:

One Michigan product is good, but a second Wolverine is great.
And don't be fooled by the following picture from that same Cardinal's Web site. It's of tight end Ben Patrick of Delware who was the Cardinals' seventh round pick.

But Branch and Breaston weren't the only two Wolverines selected in the draft. They had plenty of company. Leon Hall was Cincinnati's first round pick. Lamar Woodley was a second round selection for Pittsburgh. David Harris also went in the second round to the Jets. Prescott Burgess was taken in the sixth round by Baltimore. And Tyler Ecker was a seventh round pick for Washington.

The seven players selected was among the most for any school. Now where are all those people that claimed a year ago that Michigan wasn't developing NFL-type talent when Michigan had only four players taken, and all of those late-round picks? Yes, can't wait to hear Colin Cowherd Schrutebag praise U-M on his show this week.


Chadwick said...

What were the Lions thinking the during the draft? Their biggest problem for the last several years have been the offensive line and linebacker corp. So to fix that problem they select Calvin Johnson and Drew Stanton.

Calvin Johnson was a good pick at #2, but not for the Detroit Lions. Their quarterbacks spend half of the time on the ground and fleeing for their lives. Good luck throwing to him when you are under constant pressure. I thought they should have selected Joe Thomas to solidify the offensive line. A guy like Thomas could have opened holes for the running backs and allowed Kitna an opportunity to throw the ball down the field.

As bad as I thought the Calvin Johnson pick was, the Lions really screwed up when they picked Drew Stanton in the 2nd Round. Are you kidding me? Stanton would have been available in the 3rd or 4th Rounds. They needed to shore up the line backing corp. Take David Harris in the 2nd Round and then select Stanton a little bit later.

Out of Conference said...

I agree with Chadwick - how much have the phenom WR draft picks helped the Lions the last few years?

ohio_guy said...

In similar news, the Colts can now be called the Indianapolis Buckeyes.

The drafted Anthony Gonzalez (WR), Roy Hall (WR), and Quinn Pitcock (DT) all from OSU

One Man Gang said...

Has Gutierrez signed yet? I know he didn't get drafted.

The worst pick of the entire draft was Gonzales in the first round. That was utterly baffling. Sure, he looked great all season when Ginn was getting double-teamed on the other side of the field, but in the Title Game when Ginn went out and Gonzales became the #1, the kid got pantsed, BAD.

Matt said...

So, one man gang, are you actually worried that Gonzales will fail because he won't have the protection of the mighty Ted Ginn Jr when he plays on Sundays? You do realize that he will be the 3rd receiver and 4th or 5th option for the Colts, right?

Being a Colt fan, I don't agree with the pick, but that kid is going to have plenty of time and opportunity on that offense.

I was actually hoping the Colts would take Harris or Branch. I figured that they could pick up someone like Breaston in the 5th to be a 3rd receiver and PR/KR.

Out of Conference said...

I think any WR good enough to get any PT in Indy will get chances for the ball. Ask Marvin Harrison, Manning spreads the love around. Marvin would tell you too much, in fact.

danedelling said...

Hey Yost, your forgetting Gabe Watson who is also a cardinal!

MGoBlue93 said...

gabe watson is a douchebag!