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Thursday, April 26, 2007

4-Year Old to Colorado State: "Is that all you got?!"

Folks, let me start by saying we wouldn't even think of putting this post up if the youngster in the video below was seriously injured. Thankfully he's ok and just required some stiches. But when you watch the clip, you can see it could have been much worse.

Here's what happened...

The 4-year old boy was at the Colorado State spring football game and youth football festival with his father last Saturday. As they wandered along the sidelines during the intrasquad game, a receiver plowed into the poor kid, slamming him into a nearby wall and the ground.

Although he needed 30 stitches to close the wound, he was conscious the whole time after the injury and neurological exams were normal.

That said, here's the clip. Prepare yourself...

Best of all, CSU fans in Fort Collins are calling this the best hit by a Rams player in almost three years.


One Man Gang said...

This is actually pretty scary. The kid was OK, yes, but watching that hit it's easy to see how a slight variation could have produced a horrific result.

Equal blame is to be placed on Colorado State's Athletic Department, for coming up with the moronic idea of hosting a children's event on the sideline of a contact football game, and that kid's parents, who thought it would be a good idea to let the tyke run around unattended near the end zone. Because why would 250 lb players in full pads ever come barreling towards the end zone?

Out of Conference said...
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Out of Conference said...

I agree with what OMG just said.

I wonder what this kid thinks of the Sooner kid that was crying on camera at the Texas game.

Jim said...

Wow, I'm glad that kid was okay. As the father of a four-year old, that video was rough to watch--way to easy too project. Tough kid. Everybody got lucky on this one, though.

Da Braylon said...


sorry, I could not help myself.

jmo said...

I think the best part of the whole video was the round of applause the receiver got when he ran back on the field. Plowing over a 4 year old is physically exhausting and has a high potential for career ending injury. Little kids should be kept off the sidelines so they don't hurt the players.

Da Braylon said...

Is the following few paragraphs true? I got this from the ESPN message boards. I usually don't believe these things, but I want to make sure.

It has been reported by a media source very close to Standout qb Ryan Mallett who has interviewed him many many times, that Mallet is in the process of leaving the University of Michigan campus and transferring closer to home.

Reports say that his parents and coaches from the U/M are trying to get him to change his mind but it is very unlikely that he will, and Mallet has reportedly said that he wants to continue his college/football skills in the south. Mallet has never felt comfortable at the Wolverines facility and apparantely is looking to play elsewhere after sitting out a season to regainhis eligibility.

Upon contacting the University of Michigan Athletic and Football offices, both issued a "no comment" to the report and would not confirm nor deny the report. This would be a hugh blow to the Wolverine program for next year as Chad Henne was slated to continue to be the starter for the 2007 season.

Out of Conference said...

To continue da Braylon's threadjack - isn't Mallet from Texas? Beast may have more info - but good money says he's tempted by a QB opening in Fayettnam. OK, good money does not say anything near that, but can you imagine the uproar if that pans out?

cvillebuck said...

sad thing is, if the dad decides to sue, he probably get a six figure settlement. When in reality, what the hell was he doing letting his 4 year old wonder around unattended in the endzone of a live action football game

J said...

Where is J.T. Snow when you need him?

farris said...

Hey, so I changed my goals and swear on all of the holy items in my house that I will not empty fluid at the Big House. As previously stated, we all grow up sometime, and the whole idea from Project 119 started with the idea that I would refuse to be the typical Ohio State fan...

MGoBlue93 said...

I hope the Mallet thing isn't true. That would be very embarrassing to the program and really screw the program short-term regrading the QB position.

I know stuff like this happens all the time in college ball but I have to believe it would reflect poorly upon Lloyd as well.

The good new is... rumors like this have been circulating in the blogosphere since the start of February; I'm inclined to believe at this point it's nothing more than internet bullshit. Arkansas boards have been particularly active with this rumor since Mustain left. The moral of my little story, don't believe the hype. Mallet has been quoted as saying A2 has been colder than he expected, but he hasn't said anything other than that which would lead one to believe his departure is coming.

Michael said...

I thought it was Forcier who was leaving...not Mallett.

Mallett will be entering Michigan as a freshman this fall unless he was an early enrollment.