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Monday, March 12, 2007

You can put lipstick on a pig...but it's still the NIT

Got an email from the Michigan athletic department letting me know that I can now purchase NIT tickets. The email said there is a limit of four and they're being sold on a "first come, first served" basis.

It was the best laugh I had all day.

Who buys these? For ten bucks I'd rather go see a Lindsay Lohan movie than watch Michigan-Utah State in the NIT. And as bad as that first option is, I'm probably not alone. "Limit of four?" Ha. Haha. Hahahaha. Damn, might have to pull some strings to try to get my hands on six.

And how much must it suck ass to have to write and send out those NIT emails to Michigan alums, students and ticket holders with a straight face? Gee, should I pay the $10 now or try to scalp them for 50 cents plus a McDonald's coupon from the homeless guy outside Crisler holding the "Will sell NIT tix for food" sign?

The U-M press release about the NIT bid states:

"The Maize and Blue closed out the regular season with a 21-12 overall record and an 8-8 mark in Big Ten play. U-M finished the campaign tied with intrastate rival Michigan State for seventh place in the league. The No. 8-seeded Wolverines lost in the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinal (March 9) to No. 1-seeded Ohio State, 72-62.

The 20-plus win season is the second straight for the Wolverines, and Michigan's third in the last four years under U-M coach Tommy Amaker. The Wolverines were 17-3 in Crisler Arena this season; the record ranks as the second most wins in the 40-year history of the arena. U-M needs one more win at home to tie the all-time mark set during the 1985-86 campaign (18-1)

Nice try with the lipstick, guys.


mhentz said...

HEY! Have some respect. Without the NIT there would be nothing for Penn State hoops fans to do in March. Yeah, there are a few of us out there and we love our NITtany Lions and we love the NIT! Always remember; you can't spell NITtany Lions without N-I-....errrr?....Um?......OH nevermind.

DanteJones said...

I'm just a little depressed, confused and angry right now... I feel like the freshman that went to their first college party, got completely obliterated, stripped to a myriad of camera phones, drunk dialed their ex-girlfriend 12 times and slept with the ugliest girl there all the while ignoring his friends saying, "Dude, trust me, you DO NOT want to do this. This will NOT turn out good" But he's just completely oblivious because he has four jello shots and a pint of whiskey in his system, not to mention its the first time he's ever gotten high, but he doesn't listen to his friends because he just threw up in the bushes outside and this girl's the only one who doesn't care that he still smells like vomit. So he wakes up the next day naked in a strange room with a killer hangover, undergoes "fox trap syndrome" (You know, where you'd rather gnaw your own arm off than wake the other person up) and realizes he's wet the bed. He sneaks out and runs across the campus half naked to get to the safety of his dorm room but, of course it's the middle of the day and people are everywhere.

The next day his friends all give him shit about the party and the girl. And tell him what he did as he shakes his head and thinks "Oh my God... what have I done?" Then they pull out the pictures of him half-naked on the dining room table and then kissing "that girl" (who, of course, no one knows.) He then realizes how many times he called his ex, doesn't know what he said and wonder if he should call and apologize or just break off all contact and hope that whatever stupid thing he said doesn’t get back to his friends back home.

For the next year he's known as "Party Marty," a moniker he absolutely hates but knows he can’t escape. He continues to party, but never quite as hard as the first night and he’s sworn off Jack Daniels. He keeps running into “that girl” at occasional parties and ends up going home with her quite often and when people ask him “Why?” he says:

“She may not be the prettiest girl at the dance, but she’ll have me.”

That’s basically how I feel about Michigan basketball right now.

Go Blue! Bring on those… Utah State Aggies… sigh… why couldn’t we be playing the OTHER Aggies in the OTHER tournament?

Chadwick said...

I was captivated by your story dantejones.

It is time to Fire Amaker. The annual NIT ritual is starting to get a little old. How many more years do Michigan fans have to deal with a crappy basketball program?

Out of Conference said...

Thankfully, as a Gamecock fan, I no longer have to witness such a shitty season as the one we had. Thank god we don't get a chance to threepeat the NIT. It's like Paul Reubens character in the movie, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"... fucking die already!

ohio_guy said...

interesting story, dantejones.

will michigan continue their NIT dynasty with their 3rd staraight NIT title game appearance?

Anonymous said...

The WORST part about it is that this squad was the first in a long time with the potential to make the dance. Instead, Michigan basketball can't keep its head in the game and can't stop itself from making mistakes that causes them to blow games. This year's basketball team kinda reminded me of last year's football team: had the talent, but had no chemistry and couldn't get it done.