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Thursday, March 22, 2007

With ADs like these....

Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin isn't a favorite around these parts. The man who's increased football ticket prices exponentially seems to take a relaxed view of his position at the university. Many times, it seems he's more interested in sailing than in running what is essentially a major corporation.

And while Martin's approach doesn't sit well with many Wolverine fans, we should probably be happy he's not more like Ron Guenther.

Guenther, the University of Illinois Athletic Director, will not be disciplined for his actions while attending Illinois' first-round loss to Virginia Tech in the NCAA Tournament on Friday. Guenther, who was sitting on press row, was seen "pounding on the table in front of him, standing up to glare at officials, yelling substitution advice to coach Bruce Weber and reacting
to a Warren Carter turnover by calling Carter 'an idiot,'" according to CBS Sportsline's Greg Doyel, who was one seat over from Guenther.

And how did Guenther react when he found out that Doyel's story was getting play on the Interwebs? He issued the obligatory and lame "If I offended anyone, I'm sorry" non-apology, but then he blamed the messenger. According to the Chicago Tribune,
Guenther....sounded more upset with Doyel than himself. "I feel badly that he felt he had to print it," Guenther said. "The Internet has changed everything. Comments can be posted with no responsibility. It's hard to know who you can trust. I guess it's the world we live in."
Who's the one being irresponsible here, Mr. Guenther? A reporter who's actually doing his job by reporting what he's seen a public figure do, or a 61 year-old man - the head of the athletic department at a major, prestigious university - acting like a child in public?

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