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Friday, March 23, 2007

Too Funny Not To Post: Hollywood Edition

I guess the clips below are examples of what folks in Hollywood mean when you hear people had "creative differences" on the set of their movies.

Apparently both outtakes are from a film called I HEART HUCKABEE from a couple years ago. In the first, Lily Tomlin is having some, uh, issues with her director of the movie named David Russell.

In this outtake of another scene, Tomlin is again not happy with her director. But this time he shares his "creative differences" with her...

Can you imagine if that went on in your workplace? Wow!


Bad Temper Man said...

You mean everyones work place is not like that ?

You F_ _ king c _ nt !!

Galen said...

Really... the director could be one of our Marketing guys but he's a little too reserved.

Just remember, these are the people that a mindless audience idolizes. Gee, I can't believe I don't remember this piece of shit movie.

BARman said...

Yup, everyone in Hollywood is brilliant. Sure they are. I wonder how typical this is? Too much!!

Editor said...

That director does have the reputaton of being the biggest asshole in Hollywood. He punched George Clooney when they were working on Three Kings.

WhetstoneBuck said...

I remember this movie. It was about anger management if I recall.

Let's see...if you took the "F-word" out of the language these people could not communicate.

Are you sure that wasn't the movie itself? It seemed so real. Now that's acting.

Drama Geek Turned Movie Star said...

I pity any production crew member who has to work with those two. Especially the poor uncomfortable girl crouched in the corner who got hit by the flying papers.

Anyone have her number?

Anonymous said...

Didn't George Clooney beat the shit out of this director on the set of Three Kings for doing this exact same thing?

MGoBlue93 said...

Didn't George Clooney beat the shit out of this director on the set of Three Kings for doing this exact same thing?

What exactly did the director do??? In the first clip, all I saw was LT dropping enough f bombs to make Eddie Murphy, Andrew Dice Clay, and Eminem blush.

In the second clip, the director comes unglued but only after some more of LT's boorish behavior.

Listen, I love a good "fuck you", or "eat shit", or "gawd dammit" every now and again, but I'm scraping my jaw off the floor at LT's behavior.

I didn't even realize LT was a critically acclaimed actress? Does she have a Golden Globe or Oscar. I know who she is but I couldn't tell you a single fucking movie she was in offhand. And she's not even close to being hot enough to make someone tolerate that fucking mouth of hers.

beast in 'bama said...


Anonymous said...

Russell's reputation is that he will ride his cast until they pretty much blow up. These are only small glimpses from what I understand

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I find on IMDB.com that Lily was in another movie this guy directed in 1996. Then there is this entry for Russell:

Honored at Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art in April 2002 by guests such as Lily Tomlin, Mark Wahlberg and Sandra Bernhard. . . .

PeckHorn78 said...

What I really want to know is, what are these people's thoughts regarding politics, the Iraq war, global warming, the upcoming presidential primaries......

Anonymous said...

Judging from how Lily carries herself, I'm guessing "Fuck Bush."

And I couldn't agree more. :-P