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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday, Buckeye Sunday

MZone reader Surrounded in Columbus sent us the pictures below of folks waiting in line yesterday at the Polaris Mall in Columbus...

So what was happening that was so damn exciting on a Sunday afternoon in C-bus? No, there wasn't a new Vin Diesel movie playing at the theatre. Turns out former Buckeye QB Troy Smith was signing autographs from 2-4pm. Interesting since that would have conflicted with the 3pm tip-off of the Tosu-Wisco Big 10 Championship basketball game.

Then again, how often can you get your son's "Fuck Michigan" shirt signed by a Heisman Trophy winning QB?


Anonymous said...

As usual, Michigan fans are "hollier than thou". What, your former players don't do autograph sessions?

Out of Conference said...

Based on the speed of that line, looks like tOSU fans live to emulate Troy Smith more so than Michigan fans emulate their former heroes made funny by helmetless sacks on national tv.

Anonymous said...

i've been a Buckeye fan for close to 15 years now (as long as i've lived in the states) and i do agree that a lot of people in Ohio try to live vicariously (sp?) through their football team.

But there's a large part of us that don't want anything to do with seeking autographs. What i don't understand is: if it gives people pleasure to collect autographs what's wrong with it? T. Smith is a Heisman winner and he's been very successfull against our rival and in other big games (minus the last one, obviously). He's not some schmuck who was second backup to the long snapper (no offense) -- i can see his autograph being in demand among collectors.

Anonymous said...

Are Michigan fans lining up to get their "We Lost 3 in a Row to Ohio State" t-shirts signed by Mike Hart and Chad Henne?