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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Break

Dear MZone Reader,

Since starting this site in October, 2005, Benny and I haven't taken any time off, posting away non-stop for nearly a year and a half. But coming up with new stuff on a daily basis (while juggling the "real" job and maintaining a social life in our Dungeons & Dragons club), isn't always easy.

Thus, we're going to take a short blogging vacation to recharge the ol' batteries.

As always, thanks for reading.

Benny & Yost


Anonymous said...

Make sure you set those on fire when you're done with them. You know, so they're ready for the next patron to use.

Also, thanks for this wonderful sight. I don't think football has ever made me laugh this hard.

Galen said...

Hey, next time you guys need a break I'm sure my fellow Penn State bloggers and I could take over for you, trust me we would be fair and balanced - just like Fox News.

In all seriousness, I feel your pain - everyone needs a break now and then, I think your fans can cut you some slack, especially this time of year.

Out of Conference said...

The real reason Yost and Benny needed a break was to market their latest gig - (SFW)


Yost as Christmas elf and Yost as kid in the back - an uncanny resemblance.

Andy said...

I feel your pain Yost & Benny. After watching the M basketball choke the last game against tOSU - I need a break too. How does a 6'11" starting center on any Big 10 team miss an open dunk in the final minute of a game against the #1 team in the nation ? Pathetic.

On a positive note -- baseball season has started.

dgarr22 said...

That pic is like a car wreck. You don't want to look but you can't help it. Have a nice vacation and thanks for the laughs from your Gamecock friends.

Mike said...

So you guys are Dutch. See ya on the other side of this mini-vacation, Goldmember x2.

beast in 'bama said...

So I pull up MZone today expecting a BIG discussion of Pettway's hairdo in the Ohio St. game - which was nothing short of OUTSTANDING!! If someone on the UM hoops team has carved the winged helmet in his hair in the past, forgive me - we don't get a lot of Wolverine hoops news down here low these many years;)

Instead I get this bit of news. Well, if anyone's earned a break it's you two guys. Stay loose, boys.

It's pictures like this that I'll miss while you're gone - ooh, wait, that didn't come out right...

TitleIX said...

yeah, Beast....that was a scary post.

hope you boys get some sun on those lilly-white arses o' yours!

hurry back? :-)

ps--Andy: it's called Roy Tarpley Syndrome. Characteristics? 1) Big Man 2) in the paint 3) with the ball 4) PUTS IT ON THE FLOOR before 5) MISSING THE DUNK.....

Howard21 said...


thanks for wasting my study time everyday, without it I would probably would go postal on campus. enjoy the break

Anonymous said...

when can we expect you back?

Ungar Kelt said...

The towel boy at this fitness center is not getting paid enough...

Anand said...

Does this mean that I actually have to do work while I am in the office?

Out of Conference said...

I'll miss the guys. I'm getting emotional, a little verklempt.
"Tawkst amungst yourselves"
Here's a subject - If Michigan runs the table next year, will the schedule get them in the MNC game is SoCal and an SEC are also undefeated? Here's Michigan's schedule-

Sept. 1 Eastern Michigan
Sept. 8 Oregon
Sept. 15 Notre Dame
Sept. 22 Penn State
Sept. 29 at Northwestern
Oct. 6 TBA
Oct. 13 Purdue
Oct. 20 at Illinois
Oct. 27 Minnesota
Nov. 3 at Michigan State
Nov. 10 at Wisconsin
Nov. 17 Ohio State

Andy said...


Roy Tarpley would smoke (and snort) Courtney Sims out of the gym. No comparison.

Eastern has moved to Oct 6th date. We now open with ASU. No, not another PAC 10 team. Appy State.

Read on

Out of Conference said...

Yeah, I knew that, I cut/pasted from the Michigan Rivals (or Scout) site without really paying attention to what I was doing.

Out of Conference said...

site in question-
(damn, since I already started this threadjack, what's yet another CIS-
I found a HTML coding for dumbasses site and I tried to figure out how to type a phrase, such as "Click Here" and attach a hyperlink to it, but I tried and tried on another blog, but couldn't get it to work. Is it easy enough for someone to post the exact keystrokes here for example on "click here" and attach say www.cnn.com or something, just so I know what html coding to use? I hate posting a link and have line breaks in it, or worse it runs out margin off the right side and you can't see it all.

Anonymous said...

Oregon should be ranked. Wisconsin will be, as will Ohio State. Penn State and Notre Dame will hopefully be ranked as well when Michigan plays them. With that being said, almost half of UM's schedule will potentially be against teams ranked in the top 25. Two of them will be OOC.

And you never know: By the time UM plays MSU; they might have a good run going and be ranked as well. It would be a little hard then to argue against UM receiving a place in the title game if they run the table.

MGoBlue93 said...

Couldn't disagree more about the sked.

ASU -- why the fuck is Michigan playing I-AA? Like an ealier poster said, I hope there's 99,999 in attendance for that game.

Oregon -- quality game

Notre Dame -- overrated team, overrated coach, overrated pussy freshman QB.

Penn State -- could be a quality game

Northwestern -- down on their luck

Eastern Michigan -- again, why the fuck is Michigan playing I-AA? Oops I mean the 104th ranked I-A team.

Purdue -- down on their luck

Illinois -- Will Zook selling his soul to the devil pay off so soon?

Minnesota -- down on their luck

Michigan State -- Sorry, no matter how much that Cincy coach tries to polish a turd, it still smells like shit.

Wisconsin -- quality game

Ohio State -- redemption?

So out of 12 games, I count 4 quality matchups and two on the fence. The other 6 are just plain stinkers! NW, EMU, and Purdue... boy that's a heckuva stretch.

I think a 12-0 record looks nice... until you peel back the covers and turn on the light to get a sober glimpse of what you took home from the bar last night.

MGOBLUE94 said...


how to add a hyperlink

you will need the use of <> for the purpose of demostration I am going to reverse the >

>a href="http://www.foxnews.com"< Click Here >/a<

Click Here

Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

Nice! Thanks MGoBlue94!

Foxnews, it's fair and balanced!

Here's a link to the OK girl here on MZone in case others were also missing her-

Grope Here

MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...

ooc... lol. So much better than watching benny and yost get ass matter (Bob and Tom Show reference) all over their exercise equipment.

Not that I watch a lot of TV, but I did happen to check out a few minutes of American Idol the other night. Did anyone else notice a certain contestant from last season trying to do her best Oklahoma girl impression????

Zen Wizard said...

Thank heaven there isn't one of those leg-spreader machines in this gym.