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Friday, March 16, 2007

I wonder if it was a clip of the ASU cheerleader?

Folks watching a health show featuring former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw on Phoenix-area TV station KPPX were lucky shocked when the program was temporarily replaced with hardcore pornography.

Station officials have said it was an act of "human sabotage" and "any implicated employees will face strict disciplinary action and termination."

And no, neither Benny nor I work at KPPX. However, we'd like to officially extend an offer of a staff writing position here at the MZone to the soon-to-be-former KPPX employee who pulled this prank after he gets fired.


MGOBLUE94 said...

You know some one in the phoenix area had to have DVR'ed that segment. How long before it shows up on YouTube?

Mike said...

If she was Catholic that would be the "Notre Dame box".

Zen Wizard said...

Okay, I'll bite: How much would a gig like Mzone Staffwriter pay??

Yost said...


Same as we founders get - no money but access all the babes who throw themselves at bloggers.

Zen Wizard said...


Watch out for the blogger groupies--like, for instance, don't leave them alone with your rabbit and a pot of boiling water.