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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Holy Buckmobile!

What kind of college football fan makes a video tribute to their piece of shit car set to the music of Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings? Behold...

Ohio State car - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Sweet Jesus! Uh, I think that was supposed to be pro-OSU...right? I ask because if Benny and I were going to make a video mocking OSU, the two clips would be identical!

On the other hand, I can understand why the Tosu fan/car owner in the clip was so bummed to say good-bye to the ol' "Diddy 1." I mean, just look at that ride, folks. Two words: Babe machine. He probably had to beat them off with a stick.

Oh, and no, we didn't even notice the owner of the "Diddy 1" was sporting a Buckstache.


MGoBlue93 said...

Two words: Babe machine. He probably had to beat them off with a stick.

Well, you got the "beat off" part right.

Kirbdaddy said...

Great find gentlemen! OSU: Check! Piece of Shit car: Check! Vanity Plate: Check! Gay music: Check! Check! Check! Buckstache: CHECK!!! The PERFECT Buckeye viral video!!!

Kirbdaddy said...

Point of clarification: Is a Buckeye fan sporting a goatee still in possession of a buckstache, or should it be called a BUCKTEE???

Yost said...


Hmmm. Interesting question.

TitleIX said...

it's a NASCAR thing...you just don't understand. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think, maybe just maybe it's a joke. Ridiculing a joke?, come on M Zone... you're better than that.

PS. I think it's a joke.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that there wasn't a double-wide in the background. Props to my man!

Seriously though, my first thought was that this video had to have been done by a Michigan fan just to bust on the buckstachers, but now I find myself questioning that thought. The only thing that could possibly make this more painful is to find out that he is a school teacher.

WhetstoneBuck said...

Another less than stellar product made in Michigan. Improved on in Ohio.

The jealousy, oh the jealousy.

the walrus said...

I'm fairly sure that this is not a joke video, in the sense that the message sent was not the one intended, for a few reasons:

A) No tears were shed by the owner, no regret or bitterness, because they beat Michigan. If they had lost to Michigan, the video would be top-heavy with pictures of victories the car went to. That and the car would have been executed, rather than put to rest.

B) The surrounding area of the car, and everything in the distance, is flat. I live in Illinois, and every time I look out the window of an office building, I can see over Ohio and well into Pennsylvania and West Virgina. That's assuming of course if the steel mills or Charlie Weis isn't blocking my view.

C) The car was autographed.

Now, I have doubts that this video is authentically OSU fan-born, for the following:

A) No viking funeral pyre for the car on a makeshift boat of styrofoam coolers and old ratty couches out into the Hoover Reservoir.

Out of Conference said...

Interesting dissection, Walrus. I want so bad for this to be a joke, not in sympathy for a Buckfans everywhere, but in hope for mankind. I don't think it is, however.

I'm in the SOuth, so I don't have a winter beater vs. summer car like a lot of you yankees do, but I'm guessing this is the winter beater you drive to tOSU games when you don't want your normal winter beater to get torched. Either that, or the true identity of Orson's Subcomandante Wayne has been discovered.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the buckeyes took pride in the fact that the car's speed was equal to that in the SEC, as well.

Tha Quiet Storm said...

The cheap red plastic spinners just bring the whole package together. Classic.

never seen OH licenseplates before said...

Not only do those Ohioans proudly display something that was built in Michigan, but an extinct Michigan product nonetheless.

And what about the nerve to oust Kitty Hawk, North Carolina as the true birthplace of avaition? I mean, if the rising methane of Ohio residents' asses didn't make flight impossible, then the Wright Brothers wouldn't have had to leave their Dayton bicycle shop to test their new machine.

WhetstoneBuck said...

"...an extinct Michigan product nonetheless."

Uh huh?

Like conference titles in football?

Anonymous said...

Yeah 3 conference titles in football so far this decade is a major drought, practically extinct right?

Sounds like WhetstoneBuck is taking the Diddy1 loss pretty hard. Hang in there, champ.

WhetstoneBuck said...

Easy no name. All in fun. However, I think I stumbled on to your trigger.

ohio_guy said...

2 things...

1. walrus, Ohio is not completely flat.

2. And to never seen oh plates b4:

Ohio is the "birthplace" of aviation because it was Ohioans who developed it. The Wright's were born here and lived here, hence the word birthplace.

Giving NC the credit for developing aviation would be like giving credit to Belgium for winning the Battle of the Bulge.

It's about who did it, not where they did it...

Anonymous said...

You KNOW the ****'s for real when it uses both Time of Your Life and Wind Beneath My Wings.

Goodbye, Diddy 1. If I knew you, I'm sure I would miss you.

dtw2phx said...

Remember...you can't spell "Diddy" without DEE-DEE-DEE!!!