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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dumbest college student in America. Final answer.

Poor Chase Sampson.

A college junior and Dean's List member at Middle Tennessee State University outside of Nashville, Sampson had the shortest appearance we've ever seen on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire when he missed the first question. You know, the $100 gimme they use to start folks off just to make them feel good. The one in which the fourth choice isn't even really a choice at all but a punchline intended to get a laugh. The question most farm animals can answer.

But not Chase...

How 'bout that reaction when he realizes his mistake? Priceless.

So, after Chase, who's most embarrassed by all this? We're guessing Middle Tennessee State officials. Uh, just what are the requirements to make the Dean's List there? A pulse?

The $100 question we have for our female readers is this: Would Chase have a better chance with you because you feel sorry for him, or is he just too big of an idiot to even hook up with?

Use a lifeline if you have to.


Zen Wizard said...

I thought "surge protectors" were these-here stilts that prop up the dang porch, lessin' the levy breaks durin' flood season.

Last year, iffin' the townfolk hadn't pitched in with them sandbags, it mighta killed three cats.

JR said...

This doesn't surprise me one bit. As a native Tennessean I can vouch for MTSU in that it is a piss poor academic institution. It is where all the rejects go who can not get admitted to UTenn if that's any indication.

The King said...


Anonymous said...

There is no way in hell I would bang that guy.

I do want to use that lifeline though. I know a few girls that would give him a call.

TitleIX said...

No way....
stupid is not cute, nor is the Napolean Dynamite haircut....


the jones said...

Favorite part is the "Total Prize Money: $0" graphic that they still felt compelled to run. Nice work.