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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Colin Cowherd Rips Michigan Football

Our good buddy Colin Cowherd has a field day ripping Michigan football in the clip below (which was obviously posted by a Tosu fan as you'll discover from the pics put with the clip).

Furthermore, even though it was just recently posted on YouTube, the actual Cowherd audio seems to be from last year. In any event, here it is...

You know, Colin Cowherd has become the Bill O'Reilly of sports talk show hosts in that it's all about inflaming, poking or prodding instead of providing any real insight. He knows it's much harder to develop and keep an audience being good so instead he opts for hyperbole and loud (or taking material from bloggers). He's like an older brother on a cross country family trip who puts his fingers right in front of his little sibling's face just to annoy him and get a reaction. And when ol' Dad tells the brat to stop touching his little brother, the bigger kid's shocked response is always, "What? I'm not touching him."

In addition, if you listened to the entire five minute clip, the guy says the same thing over and over and over again. We get it, Michigan had a bad draft last year. In fact, we got it, oh, the first 50 times you said it. So why does he keep hammering the point? Simply to get a reaction. Period. It's not funny. It's not insightful. It's simply intended to provoke.

In fact, he's not the Bill O'Reilly of sports hosts. He's more like Ann Coulter.

(HT: JW)


beast in 'bama said...

One of the local stations recently began airing Cowherd's show. I agree with you 100%, Yost. I can't listen to the moron.

To top it off, here's a little story about his producer, Chad Scott. This guy used to work at this same local sports talk station (about 3-5 years ago), producing some shows and giving the sports ticker score/sports news updates.

You could tell he was a smug little prick by the way he delivered the news and scores, but what really got me was his sign-off:

"That WAS your sports center update. I WAS Chad Scott."

I WAS Chad Scott? Who he turned into from the previous sentence, I don't know. I've got the same voice talking to me, but now it's disembodied.

I didn't complain, but a few people who still hold the professionally spoken English language in high regard did. His on-air colleagues did - challenged him on the air - and he argued with them that he was right and they were the idiots!

This is who's running the Cowherd show. Sounds like they're made for one another.

Jim said...

The Michigan topic aside, this guy is just sad. I end up listening once in a while because he comes on between Mike and Mike and Dan Patrick. His two favorite tools of rhetoric are, "If you can't see that, I can't help you" and "It just is." As in, "Michigan's program is eroding. It just is." I always think of Colin a little like the bastard step-child of Jim Rome and Bill Pullman's character from Weird Science. Rack me. I'm out.

surrounded in columbus said...

Ditto. i typically don't listen to him but i had the xm on espn listening to mike & mike going to a meeting and he was on when i came out.

i ended up listening, fascinated the way you stare at a car wreck you pass. he was berating people for picking upsets in their ncaa pool. his premise was that the tournament selection committee knows more than you, so how dare you pick an upset? he likened picking a low seed to beat a high seed to arguing w/ your dentist or doctor about their diagnosis.

he further went on to comparing it to arguing w/ him. he spends 4 hours a day prepping his show, so your contrary opinions are foolish 'cause he knows more. that's why he has a show (this is almost a quote) and everyone else is calling in to HIS show.

so he's an authority on sports the way your doctor is an authority on medicine? in the end, the whole schtick was a very long winded road to explain how he's right and people shouldn't argue w/ him. it wasn't about b-ball, or sports, just his own superiority because he's on radio.

if you listen carefully to almost all his topics, they wind down to that same conclusion: he's on radio, so he's right. if you were right, you'd be on radio!

he's the real life sports radio version of nicole kidman's character in "To Die For"- if it's not on tv(radio), it's not really important, is it?

MGoBlue93 said...

I was thinking more of a cross between Nancy Grace and Morton Downey Jr (from the 80s).

To be fair, if you can get past Colin's plagiarism, buffoonery, and character assassination, he's right.

Like a lot of us, I was at the Rose Bowl, and I'm still shocked at the abysmal play calling. Every year Lloyd gets nationally ranked recruiting classes and over the past 6 years, nobody has done less with more. I appreciate Lloyd for being the consummate Michigan Man but quite frankly, his time has passed.

Basketball... well I'm not going to go there.

At least softball and hockey are bright spots for the program but they don't bring in much revenue and are popular only in niche markets.

I just cannot believe that an athletic program which used to compete annually for the all sports trophy has declined this much.

I was thinking a bit about this issue this weekend (especially after reading the press statement about Amaker's firing) and I think it boils down to leadership... or lack thereof. Goss and especially Martin have done more damage than good. Martin is in waaaaayyyy over his head. He was brought in as a business man... nothing more than a finance guy or bean counting weenie. Look what he's given us... Division 1-AA in football... that's how low Michigan has sunk – and the AD is solely responsible!!!

Time to light up the firemartin.com sites.

surrounded in columbus said...

as for the comments on Martin, you're dead on. any guy that would rather go sailing than attend a bowl game has no business running a major sports program anywhere.

it's really even sadder when you consider what a leader Canham was. there was a time that Michigan sports, competitively, finacially, and culturally, were on the leading edge. but 15 years later we're in the back of the pack of major schools on almost every issue.

as for Cowherd, the fact that he's "right" about M sports doesn't make him less lame. it's like announcing that U of Chicago football isn't what it was in 1934, and then going on about it for 20 minutes, daring anyone to disagree to call in and be humiliated on the air. the fact that Chicago football isnt' what it used to be (do they even have football anymore???) is obvious. the only reason to make it a topic, an insulting, inflaming topic, is to get someone to call in.

like this a.m.'s rant on picking ncaa bracket busters, it's designed to generate traffic on the air. how brilliant is it to announce that picking the ncaa favorites is a surer bet than picking significant upsets? like that's news? but calling people who try "stupid" inevitably elicits a call from the guy that picked the Duke upset, which allow Cownerd to tell him the he knows better.

in fact, the more obvious the truth of the underlying statement, the lamer his ranting about it really is.

Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

thankfully i have never heard this clown on the air, but from what clips i have heard online and what people have said about him, i am 100% sure this guy SUCKS.

what the hell does step away from the michigan pajamas mean?

he has 3 points, the bowl game losses, the ohio state losses, and the 2006 draft. yeah those points are true and guess what Colin all UM fans know these things. He acts like mich fans aren't pissed we lose to osu and lose a bowl game all the time. He acts like we deny this or something.

further info that this guy sucks he is that espn wont even let him on sportscenter or any show for that matter.

hell they let dick vitale, mark may, and LOU HOLTZ on tv, but not cowherd.

Anonymous said...

Next year, Michigan is genna have Henne, Hart, Long, Manningham, Arrington, Terrance Taylor(if he leaves) and Shawn Crable, at the very minimum, go in the first of the draft. Osu will have...um...the dude thats the son of a wrestler? Michigan just went to the Rose Bowl for the third time in 4 years. They lost, yes, but lets put it into perspective. They lost to Vince Young, Leinart Bush and White, and last years loaded USC team that will pre-rank as number 1. Even with the loss, they got the BCS money for those games. And this is considred a ROUGH stretch for Michigan. Finally, Navarre went from a scrub to all big 10 in his time in AA, Chris Perry went from no-name to Heisman contender, Braylon Edwards, wasnt highly recruited at all,did the same, and that is just a few of the players UM "doesn't develope".

Medals said...

FWIW, Ann Coulter is a Michigan alum.

Anonymous said...

Colin bangs Carr at least once a show and he just did ("10-2 is good anywhere in the Big Ten except OSU or Mich. You got to beat your rival and win your bowl game"). To be fair he just listed Michigan as one of the handful of transcedent Football Programs in the country. I'm not a big fan of his but on this he's pretty spot on, the first half of this decade of Mich Football has been terrible.

Jim said...

I don't debate that the program has declined. What's annoying is the method, not message. Is this an example of a time when it's okay to "shoot" the messenger?

And I honestly find it hard to believe he has a parade of callers/e-mailers who are all that unreasonable about Michigan football. I think he'll say just about anything to support his specious rhetoric. His credibility isn't what you'd call spotless.

MGoBlue93 said...

A couple of follow ups...

"in fact, the more obvious the truth of the underlying statement, the lamer his ranting about it really is." Surrounded

Lame, perhaps... but effective. I wonder how many people who fuss about him still listen to him!? I stopped about a year ago -- cold turkey Colin. But he's still getting ratings. Just like O'Reilly and Grace do.

"further info that this guy sucks he is that espn wont even let him on sportscenter or any show for that matter." JHS

He is... he does a segment called spanning the globe on ESPN (wonder if that's ripped off from Jim McKay but since Disney owns ABC and ESPN, it doesn't matter). He also does 360 college football broadcasts.

"FWIW, Ann Coulter is a Michigan alum." Medals

NOOOOOOOOOOOO... and from Hillsdale no doubt... that bitch!

"And I honestly find it hard to believe he has a parade of callers/e-mailers who are all that unreasonable about Michigan football." jim

When I used to listen, he does... it's called SEC nation.

rob. said...

..so putting this on your blog is giving him exactly the reaction he was looking for. good work.

Yost said...


actually putting it up was so we could get the snarky reaction from you. good work.

Yost said...

ps plus I'm sure he loves that each time we mention his name here, we talk about him stealing material. I'm sure that is exactly what he wants, too.

katherine said...

Hahahaha he has the nerve to crack on bloggers in this clip. HAHAHAHAHAH. It's too easy.

zen wizard said...

Whoa--the gloves are really off with this dude.

BTW, I think Ann Coulter got her JD at U of M.

Sadly, she did not play any ball.

With hands like THIS I am seeing some offensive end potential. I mean, wouldn't it be hard for the quarterback to MISS HER??

Anonymous said...

So like Jay Marrotti, talking about Colin Cowherd is just making him more famous?

mattathias said...

First of all, if you read a little about this guy and look at his credentials, it's not too hard to tell that he's a hack. He knows jack shit about sports. And we went to some random college in buttfucksville. That's who THEY have. And then you listen to what he has to say...

But then look at someone like, say, Eric Kuselias. This guy went to Columbia and then Michigan Law. And when there was that whole controversy with Florida and the natl championship, Kuselias was articulately arguing that Michigan was snubbed. (Whether this holds ground now is another story. Talk about it later.) He's a very bright guy who makes good points. Colin Coward is just a raving idiot who repeats the same thing over and over again without really saying anything.

I say that after five Michigan players are picked in the first round of the 2007 draft, everyone should just email Cowherd just to get in his face. Something along the lines of, "take that, bitch!"

surrounded in columbus said...

dont disagree he has an audience. so does jerry springer & a host of others. dont watch them either.

and generally- Coulter did go to M for law school (went somewhere east- cornell maybe?- for undergrad)- had a couple of classes she was in- labor law was one, if i recall. used to wear a fur coat to class & then opine that workers shouldnt be allowed to have unions and that poor people should appreciate the opportunity to work at any wage, etc. thought it was pretty funny preaching about what the poor should be happy w/ wearing mum's full length sable.

no, i didnt like her then, either.

Howard21 said...

Cowherd is from the Seattle area and used to broadcast in Portland. People in Portland protested having his national show being on the Portland station he was that hated. If you have ever had a conversation with someone who is from west of the Cascades like Colin you will realize they are so opinionated and biased, it's a reverse east-coast bias. they think that the huskies, sonics, mariners and seahawks are the be all and end all of sports. as we say " to them there is nothing east of the mountains". Cowherd was so hated in Portland, two years after he left I was there and every commercial break they played testimonials about how glad listeners were now that he was gone.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a major dick, he claims that michigan is not developing players, which to some degree is true, but they develope as a team, which is what counts, plus, players do not come to michigan to get drafted, they come to win Big Ten Championships,and they have been doing that. PS: The Troy Smith era is over.

Anonymous said...

I love he kept bringen up the draft picks, bringing up Texas Southern and such. Totally valid point. By his amazing logic, which is never wrong nor should any of us ever think it is, this would mean that in 1999, Saginaw Valley State was a more talented team than Florida State University, because they had more first round picks. I love it. What a jackass. It isn't Michigans job to send these guys to the pros, which they do very well. They recruit the players to perform on the field for the school. It's the players job, if his top priority is the NFL, go pick a school that gives him the best shot of going there, which a lot of the time is UM.

Anonymous said...

The other day he mentioned about Mack Brown being one of the great developers of talentin contrast to Lloyd. Huh? Until Vince Young he squandered consistent top five recuiting class every year. Proves he doesn't always know what he is talking about.

Howard21 said...

Anon 6:58

I agree Mack squandered so much Texas talent, but did he even develop VY or just rely on his crazy freak of a man athletic ability to win games. when did Young's QB ability ever win a game? All Brown did was say "Vince, do something cool to save my job."

Anonymous said...

Awwww.... too bad, so sad. Cowherd it just like pretty much every other radio host, they repeat themselves over and over and say things to get reactions, so people call in. Jim Rome is even worse for repeating himself than Cowherd. And for people with such a funny website, you are being a bunch of girls about this. "Whaaaa, not funny!" But you can take comfort in knowing th clip was from last year. Michigan showed him by winning that bowl game and beating OSU this time, right!