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Friday, March 16, 2007

Buckeye Jesus?

For years, Notre Dame fans have led the college football world to believe that the Lord was on their side, often pointing to Touchdown Jesus watching over their stadium as evidence (along with other indicators such as the fact that they can get a BCS bid despite two ugly losses and no quality wins).

But in the words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friend."

Judging from the picture below of the popular Buckeye "O-H-I-O" cheer, could the Holy Spirit actually be an Ohio State fan? As always, we report, you decide...

Of course, while this makes the case for Ohio State very compelling, there is no truth to the rumor that the back of the Lord's robe in the picture above reads, "Ann Arbor is a Whore.

However, for those Notre Dame fans who still insist that "Touchdown Jesus" pre-dates "Buckeye Jesus" shown above and thus proves the Son of Man is an Irish fan, we offer the additional stunning evidence below that the Messiah might actually be a supporter of that school in Columbus...

Furthermore, the MZone has learned that after betraying Jesus, Judas was arrested on his donkey carrying a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a lint roller.



Anonymous said...

"O-H-I-O?" Wait, they cheer for their team using those letters now? Don't they spell and cheer for Ohio as "F-U-C-K-M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N?"

Anonymous said...

Only one day out of the year.

Andy said...

Even Judas needed to get his Goose on! Do you think he had a weapons cache with him as well?

Mike said...

That's crimson Jesus is wearing. I think it also goes without saying that Judas was a Tennessee alum.

Ezekiel 20:29

29 Then I said to them: What is this high place you go to? "It is called Bamah to this day."

I think Grey Goose was producing date palm wine rather than vodka back then. Give them credit, they knew their market.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Heywood Banks, Big Butter Jesus.

Zen Wizard said...

Maybe Judas carrying a pint of Grey Goose vodka was a cryptic message that Satan is a MichiGANDER.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm wrong but didnt Ohio University start that O-H-I-O thing. I remember in the early 90's going to OU games with my brother who went to college there and all their students would do that cheer. I dont remember any buck nut fans doing that untill a couple of years ago.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 3/15 @ 12:23: I started at OSU in 1969 and we were doing the O-H-I-O back then. Don't know if OU started it or not, but if they did it was long before the early '90s.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are wrong. Most OU students are OSU fans and only go to OU games to tailgate and drink. They then leave after the 1st quarter and go watch OSU on TV.

Anonymous said...

Where is the picture of UM fans shaking their keys at their church of scientology shrines?

Nathan said...

Ahh, the Giant Jesus off of I-75 located around Monroe (between Cincinnati and Dayton). Oddly enough it's of cult status


Anonymous said...

another buckeye sighting....wait till the end of the video