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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Breaking News: Two U-M Players Accused of St. Patrick's Day Assualt

Soon-to-be-long-gone tight end Carson Butler and DB Christian Richards III were arraigned today on assualt charges after police said they attacked a fellow student in a dorm on St. Patrick's Day.

They two were each charged with one count of aggravated assault and one count of assault and battery. The student who was attacked said he did not know why he was targeted.

Coming on the heels of Butler being already suspended from the team for the spring (along with Eugene Germany and Adrian Arrington), this does not bode well for his future in A2.

Richards was a reserve who had five tackles last year. According to the A2 News, in addition to the charges stemming from Saturday's incident, Richards has another case pending. He was charged with illegal entry on campus last year. Richards failed to appear for his arraignment on that charge, and a bench warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Nice going, assholes.

(HT: RL)


Looks like we now know what Germany was booted for. The Ann Arbor News is reporting he was ticketed for marijuana possession last month. Germany admitted responsibility and paid a $50 fine on February 20th.


slipknut85 said...

You guys used my story! Thanks!

Why are sooo many football players wannabe thugs?

beast in 'bama said...

Congratulations. You now have 10 Fulmer Cup points, according to EDSBS.

Orson's comment?

"Now just watch someone from Ohio State drive a tank through a nunnery just to show the Wolverines. It’ll happen. Just wait."

slipknut85 said...

$50??? WTF?? and i got $250 in fines, 1 year probation ($240 cost there), 3 random tests ($25ea), 2 days work program, and 4 hour drug school. Damnit i knew i shouldve just stayed living in Ann Arbor (and no i didnt go to u of m)
Dearborn Hts PD can kiss my ass!! (btw 3 of my friends spent St Pattys in jail for the same thing)

sorry just ranting, im bored at work

MGoBlue93 said...


Back in my day (the number in my user ID will give you a hint), it was only a $5 fine. Parking tickets were more expensive.

The Hash Bash, on April Fool's day, was still big back then too.

slipknut85 said...

Yea on campus u get in more trouble then the actual city, thats why hash bash sux though ( i still go every year)
last year some reastaurant right across the street from campus with some kinda outdoor upstairs patio was just a cloud of smoke. AA rules

Crabapple Buck said...

Congratulations men. With a little more effort the Fulmer Cup could be yours!!!

screwa2 said...

throwing stones in a glass house will eventually....

....ah, karma!

Anonymous said...

did they have M-Staches?

surrounded in columbus said...

point of order- they've been suspended and likely won't be back. they won't be "running laps", or other "internal discipline" charades because they're starters.

everyone has kids that screw up. how you deal w/ them is the difference between programs.

Anonymous said...


(disclaimer i am an osu fan). With all fairness, i'm not sure that someone should get kicked off the team for a pot arrest (even if he is a wolverine player).

I'm not going to argue that violent crimes (assault and illegal entry) warrant a second chance, but pot posession? Give the kid a break. It's not like he's doing it the morning before the UM-OSU game.

just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

yeah, how you handle bitch slapping your woman - then suiting up for the game on Saturday - that's the difference between programs!

Anonymous said...

Germany have a brother or cousin that played for OSU, the genetic similarities are stunning