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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And I Thought The Oscar Goody Bag Was Cool

Here's one more reason the NCAA is such a hypocritical organization. They go on and on about protecting the sanctity of amateur athletics. They won't let a coach buy McDonald's for a kid who forgot his wallet, or won't allow the school to help out a kid who has to fly home to attend a funeral.

But let that kid go to a bowl game and he can really rake in the goodies. According to an article in the print edition of Sporting News, each player on Ohio State and Florida took home a portable XM Satellite radio, a commemorative Tourneau watch, and a bunch of munchies.

But they weren't the only players to partake in Goody Bag craziness. And the goodies varied greatly by bowl.

Sun Bowl participants got Helen of Troy hair dryers. The Independence Bowl gave away George Foreman grills. Music City Bowl participants received Swiss Army watches. The GMAC Bowl gave lead crystal footballs. And the crappiest handout had to come from the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl which gave Chick-fil-A watches and calendars. Thanks guys.

The only bowls that came close to the title game freebies were the Champs Sports Bowl (15-inch flat screens with DVD players) and the Alamo Bowl (Sony PlayStation Portables).

I only have two questions: 1. Does the IRS know about this? and 2. How the hell do the Peach Bowl players end up with calendars while the Champs Sports Bowl guys get flat screens? Something's not right with that.


Aram said...

This is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Last year, the Michigan players all got PSP's from the Athletic Department for their christmas gift, XBox 360's for the Alamo Bowl, and then all got to go to the Super Bowl in Detroit on the Athletic Department's dime.

These guys get loaded on with stuff. remember when AJ Hawk's apartment got robbed last year and everyone cried foul about how both of the roommates had XBox's and all of that stuff? How'd they get that? The Alamo Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Aram -

A PSP from the athletic department and an XBox from the Bowl, yes. A free trip to the Super Bowl? Uh, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a Chik-fil-a calendar? They have cows dressed like people doing people-things! Hilarious! I would be honored to get one after busting my ass for 4 years to play in a mediocre bowl game.

/sarcasm off

Out of Conference said...

So Benny & Yost - what was in your prizebags for the college football blogger awards?

Mike said...

Where is The Boz when you need him? NCAA=COMMIES! :0P

Anonymous said...

So apparently you thought the hair dryers were cool? O....K

Anonymous said...

last week i was talking with a friend of mine who played football for texas tech and he was telling me all the stuff they got at the bowl games they went to. one of them was the alamo bowl. at the alamo bowl they recieved xboxes and tommy hilfiger watches.

he also told me about some stuff other teams have received but i cant remember what they were.

i do remember, however, commenting that this would be great information to know and why aren't any of the sports blogs i read giving us this info. (paging deadspin and the m-zone, sorry for going simmons right there)

this should be mandatory. starting now.
i leave it to you good gentlemen. i leave it to you.


Prime said...


You are such a hack. Comparing gifts that the bowl sponsors give out to the gift bags for Hollywood award shows is stupid. The bowl sponsors are limited to a $500 prize allowance, while the awards shows were handing gift bags worth $100,000. Plus the Sun Bowl participants got other items. Here is a story on bowl game gift packs:


And a ranking by bowl of the prize packs:


Plus the NCAA rules on these gift bags:


If you would have spent five extra minutes, you would have included this info in your original post. Instead you riffed on The Sporting News blurb, and did a crappy job.