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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Achy Breaky Buckeye

We'd like to tell you this picture is from 1986.

But it's not.

Apparently, not only do Buckeye fans not give a damn about the whole state of Michigan...but they don't care much for modern hair styles, either.

(HT: SpankyToes for sending and to Jeremy who has been hosting this pic)


Matt W. said...

A mullet like that takes years to cultivate. You can't just trim it off just because it went out of style -- you need to preserve it, not only as an important relic of our cultural history but also because it just may come back in style someday, at which time everyone else's hair will be a good three years too short.

Yost said...

LOL, Matt. Well thought out.

Jason said...

Haha.. you guys found a guy in the Midwest wearing a football jersey and sporting a mullet. That's incredible!

Thankfully Detroit is part of the fashion triumvirate along with LA and Paris.

Win some games and then you'll have other things to talk about besides OSU fashion.

Jeremy said...

You can HT Spankytoes all you want, but I've been hosting that picture online since the fall of 2003.

(Do a google search for mullet and it's on the first page - http://umich.edu/~jbrons/failure.jpg)

Not trying to squabble here, just brag and insult the Buckeyes. I should mention that the image still gets about 2,500 hits per month.

Jeremy said...

Oops, the proper URL is

The "failure" image, also created in 2003, still generates 3,000 hits per month.

The point is, fuck OSU.

MGoBlue93 said...

It's Pat from Saturday Night Live

Yost said...

Jason, did we strike a nerve?

Yost said...


Gotcha. Will update. Thanks!

Go Blue Gabe said...

Is that a man or a woman? Seriously, I can't tell!

zen wizard said...

That mullet looks like it has its own gravitational force.

I am worried it might pull an asteroid towards Earth!


Anonymous said...

Joe tries to remember the name of the movie that inspired his parents to sew the mullet wig to his head when he was a child.