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Friday, February 09, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* Sunday Morning QB reveals the shocking details of how Ron Zook landed such an amazing recruiting class. (HT: LM)

* The guys behind The Realists are starting a drive to bring former Michigan great Rudy Tomjanovich back to A2 as the Wolverine basketball coach.

* Detroit TV station WXYZ puts up a clip reel of highlights showcasing top QB recruit Ryan Mallett. (HT: DM)

* And to think, all those years in college, I thought football players got laid just because they were on the football team. Turns out it was just sweat.

* Michigan's Great Blue Wrestling Hope looks to avenge a tough loss U-M suffered last year.

* A Chicago Bears football fan is legally changing his name to "Peyton Manning" after losing a Super Bowl bet. Bet he wishes he just bet the over/under now.

* Microsoft announced that they are teaming up former ND QB Brady Quinn and the XBox to gives fans a look at his trek to the pros. According to the press release, "The Xbox team will chronicle Quinn's weekly routine for fans, which will include his favorite video games, workouts and training sessions leading up to the 2007 draft on April 28. In addition, exclusive high-definition videos of select pre-draft workouts and training sessions along with footage of Quinn's everyday activities and appearances will be available for download on Xbox Live."

No word if those everyday activities will also include him lamenting the fact that his team got ass-raped in all the big games it played. (HT: DW)

* The Wolverine grades Michigan's 2006 QB play (HT: M&BinV)


Jim Harbaug Scramble said...

Good stuff as always guys, but what happened to the top 10 list for michigan victories under Lloyd? That was a great read. I was also hoping there would be the top ten losses/debacles under carr. That 2003 Oregon game would be at the top of my list, sadly, there are a handful of those type of games that come to mind.

Keep up the good work, great blog and GO BLUE!!!!

Cliff Keen said...

Great article with Michigan wrestler Eric Tannenbaum. Thanks for posting this link guys.

beast in 'bama said...

I had no idea Rudy T was a Michigan man! I was a fan of his as a player (in the NBA - I went to school in Houston, where he can do no wrong) and as a coach, but never investigated where he went to school.

Although he would be a great addition to anyone's program, I'd be very concerned about his health going into the interview. Anyone heard how his recovery is going?