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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Touch, The Feel of....Cowboys Stadium?

The board that oversees the Cotton Bowl voted Tuesday that the game will be moved to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium for the 2010 game. The move is being made in hopes of turning the Cotton Bowl into one of the BCS games, and, thus, into the rotation for the national championship game.

So let me get this straight - the BCS, which began with the Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Rose Bowls now has five games. If the Cotton were added that would make six. Gee, why don't we add the Motor City, GMAC, Poinsettia and that game in Boise to make a nice, round 10 BCS games?

Meanwhile, there will be two stadiums that sit empty around New Year's only to have bowl games that bear their name be played elsewhere: the Orange and the Cotton. This will leave the Rose Bowl as the only stadium that hosts the game for which is was named.

And who still thinks this system isn't a mess?


Jeff said...

You're right, it is getting pretty messed up. However, the Cotton Bowl might replace the current system of having one bowl host 2 games. I.E. the Fiesta Bowl (Oklahoma-Boise) and the Not-Fiesta Bowl (OSU-Florida) this year. This would keep the BCS games to 5, but have 5 different stadiums. Might not be bad, although it would go back to messing with the tradition of the Rose Bowl and other Bowl games.

PeckHorn78 said...

I kinda wondered why the Cotton Bowl, which was one of the four traditional Jan 1 games, got left out of the whole BCS thing. Was it the demise of the SouthWest Conference (aka 9 Texas teams and Arkansas?)?

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure that it had to do with demise of the SWC in 1996. That demise was brought on because of the lack of tlevision contracts since only the Texxas and Araknsas would be interested in who played in the Cotton Bowl. There is a long story of how Texas wanted to join the Pac-10, but Stanford voted agaist having them. How Texas looked at being a member of the Big 10 and with the last resort joining the SEC. How Baylor and Tech hijacked/blackmailed their way into the Big 12.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling errors in the previous post. But that is what happens when you post while working and eating lunch.

Anonymous said...

The Sun Bowl is still played in the actual Sun Bowl.

Anonymous said...

The Cotton Bowl used to be one of the major bowl games before giving way to the Fiesta Bowl. It involved the Southwest Conference. The Fiesta Bowl originally was played by mid-major teams, I think, possibly against what would now be BCS teams. It became more popular in the 80s.

The reason that there needs to be the current setup is the rotating schedule messes up the traditional games when they get moved later. But then again, having a college football game a week after New Years is pretty crummy.