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Friday, February 16, 2007

This is Our Type of Ohio Guy

We make fun of plenty of things from Ohio on this site. From Buckstachioed criminals to abusive fans. But we finally found a guy in Ohio who just plain made us laugh. And after a long work week - and for many a week filled with heavy snow - we have to thank this unnamed Ohioan for bringing a smile to our face.

I find it interesting that he chose to actually wear gloves.

And who was the uptight reporter? Dude, relax, you're the fucking weather guy covering a story about snow...in the Midwest...during winter. You're not breaking the lid off Watergate. Carl Monday would be ashamed of you, pal.


Anonymous said...

LOL - They replayed that on the news here this morning..

If I am the news guy, I let it go...

Anyone that willing to freeze his nuts off deserves his 5 minutes of fame.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, that is Carl Monday's new station.

Wolf Blitzer said...

Tim Hardaway HATES that guy.

WhetstoneBuck said...

Wasn't that Drew Carey?

Mathew said...

Is it just me or did the anchor call the guy ugly as it cut off?

Cool Hand Mike said...

That reminds me of the reporters here in Mobile that flock to the beach as the hurricane is making landfall and then bitch and moan about how windy and wet it is.

Dumbasses? Indeed but I guess everyone needs a paycheck.

I would've kept he camera on him til he started turning blue. Then I would publicly ridicule the idiot on live TV.