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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Signing Day The MZone Way

This is a huge day for college football programs across the country. It's national signing day when all the verbal commitments become set in stone. Or at least onto paper.

It's also a big day for college football blogs across the Interwebs. Last night, Yost and I talked and committed to hourly updates as the official letters of intent came across the fax machines in Ann Arbor, Columbus, Gainesville and points in between.

But then as signing day approached we decided that was too much work and went back on our verbal commitment. So if you want to know who's signing with the Wolverines, go to MGoBlog, or Michigan Sports Center, because we just couldn't commit to that much work.


Anonymous said...

And in related news:
The University of Florida in an unprecedented move have signed all four and five stars prospects available. Urban Meyer could not make the press conference however, as he was busy trying to find a product that would remove the brimstone smell from his clothes.

ohio_guy said...
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ohio_guy said...

It amazing how people get so worked up over recruiting. It's weird thinking of all these older guys fussing over high school kids and placing their hopes and dreams on them.....but that's basically what college football is about.

When it comes to recruiting, I don't really pay attention. I just wait 'til it's over and then see what we got.

surrounded in columbus said...

Ohio Guy,
you're part right- making this much of a fuss is over the top. however, for a real college football fan, what the hell else is there to do in February? a big part of the "buzz" connected w/ recruiting is the complete lack of anything else to follow.

i suspect that if signing day were in december- after high school games are done but w/ college bowls still to play- there'd be a fraction of the attention. but w/ spring practice still a month or so away and the real season 7 months from now? a junkie's got to get his fix somehow...

The King said...

#1 Nationally Ranked FB
#2 QB
#3 C
# 4 CB
# 5 SS

PLUS...a JC recruit, which as far as I know is the first one ever for UM. Anyone know if that''s the case?

Mark said...

1st JC recruit in last 10 years

MGoBlue93 said...


ohio_guy said...

I usually turn my focus to college basketball in Feb (as well as the Cavs and Bluejackets). I can see your point though....I just generally try to avoid the madness of recruit talk.

And I could also see why UM fans would not want to turn their focus to NCAA basketball...

surrounded in columbus said...

Ohio Guy,
yes, b-ball has almost diappeared in A2.

as for the CBJ's? i think Hitchcock (AKA Capt Kangaroo) has done a nice job of making them competitive, but the slow start has made it all too little, too late.

katherine said...

the king-

Remember TIM BIAKABATUKA?! He was a JUCO transfer...hopefully Panter will have similar success. If that's the case, I'd say we are decently solid at LB.