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Monday, February 05, 2007

Two-Minute Drill: Post-Super Bowl Sugar Crash Edition

Light blogging today as Benny's out of town and I'm recovering from all the junk food I ate at the Super Bowl party I went to. At least on Thanksgiving when you gorge all day, you're putting some healthy food in your body.

But Super Bowl Sunday? I don't think I had one nutritional calorie the entire afternoon. In fact, I'm pretty sure if you stuck a need in my veins right now, they would ooze cheese. Yesterday made the Halloween night eating habits of my youth look like the Atkins Diet.

Since the game was over the moment Rex Grossman realized he was Rex Grossman and started playing as such, a couple non-football comments/questions for those of you reading today. First and foremost...


What the hell was that Snickers commercial in the first half? Where the two dudes are fixing the car, start chomping on each side...and end up kissing. In case you missed it...

Uh, and the theory behind this ad was...what exactly? "Snickers -- So good it will make you question your sexual orientation."

Trust me, judging from the reaction of the party I was at, I don't think it made any of the guys want to rush out and buy this candy bar. Nor were the women itching for their men to swing by 7-11 and stock up on them either.

And in an MZone exclusive, we've obtained copies of the new Snickers print ad campaign...


What did Coke run, was it four ads? At $2.5 mil each, that's a hell of a lot of dough to spend on a product everybody already knows about. And what for? As somebody at our party mentioned, a comic used to do a joke about Coke and Pepsi spending hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising only to have this happen at restaurants across America every day: "I'll have a Coke." "I'm sorry, we only have Pepsi." "Yeah, that's fine."


What does it say about Madison Avenue in general when the student and "amateur" commercials were just as good - if not better - than those put out there by "professional" ad agencies? Then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised seeing as I get much of my college football news from "amateur" sites like EDSBS, MGoBlog, etc. rather than from the "pros."

Turning to college football...


Our friend Scott at DallasSportsPowerhouse had a hilarious and Onion-esque post about canine Reveille VII withdrawing her verbal commitment to serve as Texas A&M's mascot to instead walk-on at Washington and attempt to supplant King Reboudt as the Husky mascot.


MGoBlog is reporting that Muskegon DB uberprospect Ronald Johnson has spurned Michigan and a host of others to play at USC.



Unless you're living in a cardboard box, you've probably seen the very funny SNL video, "Dick in a Box." Well, props to the folks who made the female response, the very funny (and appropriately titled), "Box in a Box." Obviously not college football related, but made me laugh...


MGoBlue93 said...

RE: The amateur commercial... it's been all over the web the guy who won the Doritos contest is a multimedia professional. So the term "amateur" with regard to this contest is to be taken in the same context as "amateur" and "Olympics". Besides... would anyone really trust $2.5M worth of airtime to Beavis and Butthead with a camcorder?

RE: Recruits... WTF cannot the State of Michigan cannot keep it's own anymore?

Also... check this from The Detroit News out...

Cedric Everson, a 6-foot, 170-pound defensive back from Detroit Mumford, changed his commitment from Georgia Tech to MSU on Friday.

Everson, ranked No. 16 on The Detroit News Blue Chip list and a member of The News' Dream Team last fall, will sign a national letter-of-intent with MSU on Wednesday morning at his high school.

Everson committed to Georgia Tech last October but became concerned with the coaching staff there when it was learned offensive coordinator Patrick Nix left the school to take the same position at Miami (Fla.).

Let me get this straight... you're concerned about the stability of the coaching staff at GT so you select MSU instead??? You've got to freaking shitting me for someone to suggest such a thing makes me think this kid isn't very bright.

Perhaps academics is the real reason and he came up with that BS about the coaching staff!

Yost said...

LOL, mgoblue re: more stability at MSU. Now that's funny.

Anonymous said...

I don't want any girl that can put her box in a box.

MGoBlue93 said...

I don't want any girl that can put her box in a box.

anon 10:22


Sundawg said...

Sure beats Girl Scout cookies!

Kirbdaddy said...


Also, take into account that a DEFENSIVE player was concerned about losing the OFFENSIVE coordinator. Makes no fucking sense at all, and explains why he would choose MSU.

As for the "box in a box?" Hilarious! I'd like stick my....
Oh, never mind!

Anonymous said...

Gatech had pulled the schollie for Everson for some unkown reason (some say the coaching staff felt that our man might have not been oh so strong on his verbal commit!!!)

David said...

Now if that snickers commercial had ended with two women kissing........... it would have been HANDS DOWN the best commercial of the year.

Proof positive the advertising agency who came up with it is largely female.

MGoBlue93 said...

Only if it was lipstick lesbos though... nobody wants to see Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne Barr in a passionate lip lock.

Go Blue Gabe said...

Did anyone else feel that the overall quality of the adds was rather weak this year?

Exactly! Why in the world is a defensive player worried about an OC. Idiot.

Box in a box:
Not really impressed. Video was produced very well, but I didn't find the song very funny, or even good. Just my opinion.

TitleIX said...

rest assured...
even the women found the snickers commercial

Anonymous said...

people may not like the kissing mechanics, but they're all talking about 'the snickers commercial'

Yost said...


I hear you, but people were also talking about Taco Bell after the e.coli outbreak.

dtw2phx said...

Sorry, my favorite part of SBS was the Prince halftime show. (lol) Gotta love Prince! Did you hear the crowd go apeshit after him?? They ate it up! Dig it.

And, btw, Box in a Box...too damned funny. :-)

MGoBlue93 said...

update on the Snickers commercial. M & M has pulled it. Apparently a gay & lesbian org fussed and M & M capitulated.