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Monday, February 12, 2007

Now this is a good practical joke

Who says cartographers don't have a good sense of humor?

Paul Fletcher, a U-M alum and chairman of the State Highway Commission, inserted the fake towns of "Goblu" and "Beatosu" into the 1978-79 official state of Michigan map just across the Ohio border (see below).

The state was not amused and new maps were printed with the offending "towns" removed. The original maps are now collector's items and fetch up to $150 in mint condition.

In a related story, the same sort of stunt was pulled by an Ohio official in 1987 yet it wasn't discovered until last fall, almost 20 years later. Apparently folks in Buckeye country thought it was completely normal for towns in Ohio to be named "Fuckmichiganville" and "Wolverinescansuckmydickberg."

(HT: Krish)


Anonymous said...

Lovely ... This is why i use this blog as my #1 news source in college football (and i'm far from a Wolverine fan). But are you guys still going to insist that OSU fans are more obsessed with UM than you guys are obsessed with OSU? me thinks not ...

great blog by the way.

Mike C said...

OSU fans are absolutely more obsessed. As a UM alum, living in Cleveland, its ridiculous. There's a number of reasons for it. All the Ohio pro teams suck (Cavs are getting there) and haven't won anything in forever. (For the record I'm a huge Tribe/Browns/Cavs fan, but really, they're just terrible). There is no other rival, not one. While OSU may be UM biggest, having MSU and ND, definitely takes something away from a wolverine standpoint. Bo vs. Woody. Woody HATED UM, while Bo had coached at OSU, this mentality was defiantly passed on to the fans. It's all resulted in just a true hatred for all things Blue in the Buckeye state. You don't hear "Go Bucks" nearly as much as you do "F Blue". There are countless examples from the formerly "Dead Schembechlers" to to the Don't give a damn song.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

My dad pointed out those 'towns' to me when that map first came out. I bet my folks still have it somewhere.

Anonymous said...

To be fair *all* cartographers insert fake items in maps. These may be streets, towns, etc. They are used to "watermark" the map data, so if it is re-used without permission (i.e. stolen) the ownership can be verified.

Cris said...

What's wrong with Toledo, if you reallyl want to talk history, why not do the bit about how Toledo used to be in Michigan and how Michigan got the U.P. because Toledo ended up in Ohio. At any rate i'm from Toledo (huge Michigan fan) and it hurts to have my town bashed on. I've since grown up and moved away to sunny Sandie Eggo bitches, so freeze your asses off. Ha!!! Hopefully you understand that Toledo is not a bad place to be FROM.

Go Blue said...

Yeah Toledo's not that bad. I'm from Cleveland and go to school in Toledo.
There are a lot of Michigan fans here including me.