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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mike Bellotti Gets 5-Year Extension, 5 New Suits

Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti has agreed to a five year contract extension. Bellotti made the announcement during a series of five different press conferences in which he wore five different Nike suits that also came with the deal, one for each year of the contract.

Bellotti noted that by mixing and matching the various pieces, he actually has 372 different suit combinations, only 400 fewer choices than the football team has on game days.


MonkeyWrench32 said...

Holy hell that was funny!

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

brilliant. too bad we don't have a reverse view to see the silver numbers.

Out of Conference said...

Funny shit, especially the tire-tread one. What bozo at Nike thought of that for a uni pattern?

stang said...


Andy said...

Now THAT was funny.
Strong work guys.

mattathias said...

Ha ha that's brilliant!

Any word on whether Jamarcus Russell has any Nike suit deals lined up?

Hornet1978 said...

The yellow coat reminds me of Bruce Weber at Illinois when he wore that orange coat at the National Champ. Game a couple of years ago.

Good stuff guys!

MGoBlue93 said...

This is almost as good as the Halloween costumes... The diamond plate on the lapels in the last photo is freaking priceless!

It's hard to pick on the Ducks for anything else but they're like that one person who, every year, comes to the office holiday party inappropriately dressed -- all the while they think they're just the shit as the rest of the room snickers behind their back.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Oregon guy, 100% & this commentary is fantastic. Very funny and alert. I look forward to visiting the "Big House" in September.... GO Ducks!

Yost said...


I hope M fans are as kind to you as Duck fans were to me when I went to Eugene a few years back.

Anonymous said...

As a Oregonian and a UofO Duck fan I have to say...

That is some funny shit right there!

I love the diamondplate version, every time I see that diamondplate garbage I puke a little into my mouth.

John said...


just saw the preview for next week's "Dateline: To catch a predator" and there was a guy with a Michigan hat. will be looking forward to next weeks post. Better alert Carl Monday

gobluegirlkat said...

M-Zone guys...I'm seriously in love. You're absolutely hilarious once again.

WhetstoneBuck said...

"just saw the preview for next week's "Dateline: To catch a predator" and there was a guy with a Michigan hat."

Sometimes it's just too easy.

DMC said...

I'm a duck fan and I think that's hillarious!

Oregon fan said...

There is some pretty funny stuff here. The suit with the tire tread pattern was hilarious. Great blog. Go Ducks!

Anonymous said...

This is the best! Can't wait to visit the Big House in the fall. Can you do one for Ernie Kent too? The Basketball team does not have nearly the wardrobe....

Anonymous said...

The metal plate suit is classic. Looking forward to making to the trip to ann arbor.

Anonymous said...

those suits are a fuckin joke! way to make UO look like a bunch of CLOWNS!

DuckFan16 said...

ooh man.
i am a duck fan;
and i find this hilarious.

I dont get why we have so
many uniforms;
I was fine with the ones
from 2001.

And the Las Vagas bowl helmets?

I puked when i saw them.
no joke.

I cant wait to go to Michigan.
It will be awesome


Anonymous said...

As a Duck fan through and through I have to admit that this is some funny shit!! I will admit that I am a fan of our uni's but I love how much chatter they create!!! The last one with the diamond plate on the lapel is CLASSIC!!!

Can't wait to come out to the Big House this next season!! GO DUCKS!!!