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Friday, February 09, 2007

Jerimy Finch National Letter of Intent

If you follow college football, especially if you're a Michigan or IU fan, you probably heard about DB Jerimy Finch. Finch was the top player in the state of Indiana who verbally committed to Michigan. Then, about two weeks ago, he changed his mind and said he going to sign with the Hoosiers. But over the last couple of days, he started to waver once more and sources said it was 50/50 between Michigan and Indiana.

So who'd he sign with yesterday?



We'll let Urban Meyer explain from this Rivals.com article...

Gator coach Urban Meyer said Florida kind of stumbled into Finch.

"After appraising the top-100 list, I saw that he was ranked highly and I wanted to know where he was going," Meyer said.

"I knew Warren Central from my days at Notre Dame. I called the coach, and he said, 'Coach, you'll never believe this, but we just finished talking about Florida.' He played in the Orlando all-star game, and the kid loves Florida. Five minutes later, I was on the phone with (Finch). Without watching one speck of tape on him, I asked him if he wanted to come down for a visit. We thought he was a great kid and a good-looking safety, and his tape just solidified it.

"We offered him, and he decided to come. It's unbelievable because I didn't go to Indiana once the whole time."

In order to shed further light on what happened, we here at the MZone have obtained an exclusive copy of Finch's National Letter of Intent...


Anonymous said...

LOL. Nice piece.
I still think a man's word or lack of reflects his character. So maybe Michigan is better without him. BTW - Spell his name correctly. It is Jerimy.

Out of Conference said...

Agree with Anon in that was a really funnypiece. But you have to remember, we've all changed our minds several times about many things when we were 17 or 18. It happens to nearly every school every year with top recruits. Some young buck is impressed with the new weight room, the hottie's showing him around campus, the feeling of the bright lights in the stadium at night when they announce his name over the PA (maybe that's not allowed anymore) and decides that place feels most like home, until his next visit. Sometimes they love it so much they cancel their other visits and quite often you get a schmuck calling a recruit late in the process to snipe him away when there's no time for the recruit to think it over thoroughly. And yes, Urban snatched a 5-star of ours in a similar manner late in the process.

Out of Conference said...

Congrats on Hemingway by the way. I never heard about him in SoCar recruiting circles but it may have been because he committed to Blue early- like I said, I'm not familiar, but nice grab out of the Palmetto State.

Anonymous said...

LOL, very funny! I heard there were grade problems and that's why UM didn't work out. Does anyone know if that is true?

Anony said...

OOC(Jim right?), I saw that in the Post and Courier a couple of weeks ago. I was baffled when I saw it. But happy nonetheless that Michigan got a good recuit.

Anonymous said...

Well it's good to see that Notre Dame isn't the only school that Urban has stolen a recruit from...

Anonymous said...

anon 9:47, that's why Florida would seem to be the obvious choice. I believe that Zook's classes graduated 28 out of 70, that's the same classes that won the MNC this year.

Sports on a Schtick said...

This is what Rival's blurb says about Jerimy:

"Finch will be Indiana's top recruit in more than 10 years."

I'm not sure that sentence is coherent, but the Gators made sure it would be inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Grades? Whatever...might want to do some research on how Florida stacks up nationally in academics. Also might want to look at our graduation rate under Meyer...sour grapes...just admit that the Big Slow sucks and no talent worth their salt would pass up Gainesville over Ann Arbor or Bloomington - HotlantaBill

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha


jamesm said...

you michigan fans are pathetic. all you do is make excuses for everything. yes you can say jeremy finch is dumb and all this crap, but i guarantee if he would of signed with michigan he would be the smartest player alive, and you wouldnt be complaining. The bottom line is that michigan is jealous of florida because,our apparently sorry team won the national championship, something you cry yourself to sleep over everynight because you guys couldnt beat the extremely overrated buckeyes. Michigan is also another overrated Big (slow) ten team. You guys wouldnt survive two weeks in the sec, Florida would dominate the wolverines. Whenever Loydd car croaks next year you will be left with nothing except for your new overgrown wannabe thug moron "The great Ryan Mallett" and mike fart. and a few other S*it heads. so good luck to another horrible year. Ill try to watch you guys in the poinsetta bowl > oh yeah and Dwayne Jarrett says hello. lol