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Monday, February 19, 2007


Apparently Tom Brady needed more protection. No, not on the football field, in the bedroom: Actress Bridget Moynahan is three months pregnant with Brady's child. The couple broke up in December after dating for two years.

You can bet this was as unexpected for Brady as Peyton Manning beating him since the rumored reason they broke up in the first place was because Brady didn't want to settle down and Moynahan allegedly did.


According to Moynahan's spokesperson, the 36 year old actress is "healthy and excited" about the impending arrival.

As for Brady, I'm guessing not so much since lately he had been spending a lot of time with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. He has been spotted coming and going from Bundchen's SoHo apartment while she was seen hanging around the Patriot locker room after a game last month.


So much for a return to the swinging bachelor days.

In a related story, Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband and attorney Howard K. Stern have stepped forward to each claim they are actually the father of Moynahan's child.


Dave said...

At least it's better than knocking up some nasty chick.

Doug said...

If Tom is too busy banging Gisele to take care of the kid, then I volunteer to provide a stable father figure in his stead. I'm great with kids.

Wolf Blitzer said...

Drew Henson was unable to impregnate Bill Parcells, which is clearly why he was cut from the 'boys.

Anonymous said...

brady will always be better than peyton manning in this regard.

can we see more of the Top 10 Carr wins today?

Howard21 said...

Ohhhhh, the the agony of being Tom Brady. Which extremely hot babe will I hang out with, the smokin' hot actress who I got busy with & knocked up, or the smokin' hot model who I just get busy with? I'm trying to decide how to get all my laundry done today and still study for two mid-terms. God, am I glad to be me.

MGoBlue93 said...

Sorry about the off-topic but M-zone hasn't brought up the 07 schedule... anyone else embarrassed by adding Appalachian State?

Add that game to Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, and down on their luck Illinois, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois, and Michigan State and this isn't looking like the schedule of a what should be an elite program.

The AD whines it's hard to fill in dates this late in the process (App St) but it seems to me that if U of M was a little more willing to give other teams a chance to host them, they wouldn't have such a hard time finding teams to play. See tOSU v. Texas recently.

Out of Conference said...

MGoBlue93 - Someone once told me, when you go out drinking, to go ugly early. Maybe that's what the powers had in mind when they scheduled App State. There's absolutely nothing to gain for Blue playing these guys, any more than for my team to be playing Wofford last year, SC State this year or any of the other cupcakes OOC games that we schedule. Nothing to gain, everything to risk. No offense to the smaller schools, but 'thems the facts'.

Back to thread - I sure hope someone breaks the Brady news to TitleIX gently. Clicking on MZone and seeing Brady and a hottie front and center may not be easy for her to take. Yost, you should probably have a link to the "Brady" YouTube clip sans sound just for her.

Haga said...

Don't forget Michigan finishes it's home and home with Oregon this year... Oregon should be a top 15 school this preseason...

Anonymous said...

Why is Tommy Boy off the market - so its his kid - give the kid a few bye weeks to get to know his daddy then throw a few bucks his way and all is good.

Katherine said...

Jay Leno just used the "Tom Brady needed more protection" joke...Really Jay? Do you read Mzone? I think so.

TitleIX said...

a little late, but here's the female take on Dreamy Tommy...
the boy got HOSED.

You mean to tell me that they dated for 2+ years and she never got pregnant, but then just as they are getting ready to break up she's preggers by 'accident'???
She trapped his ass.

Makes the rest of us look bad....

AND because Tom is such a dreamboat, he will do the right thing and go back to his BabyMomma....

Let this be a lesson gentlemen, no glove no love....