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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Light blogging today as Benny and I try to juggle all the hot babes who throw themselves at us constantly due to the fact that we're the men behind the MZone empire. I don't think it comes as a surprise to most of you when I say that the ladies love guys who blog.

In fact, Benny claims he gets laid more as a blogger than when he was leader of his Warcraft clan, something I find very hard to believe.


youtube said...

Great news



Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

So, Benny, do you actually get laid, or is Buckstaches effing you?

Anonymous said...

I'm another U-M grad stranded in Columbus and hating you people for wasting so much of my workday...

I hope the babes throwing themselves at you guys aren't wearing the pale yellow polo shirts and frumpy blue skirt-shorts of the U-M cheerleading squad. Anyways, two things:

Yost - first of all, it's a Warcraft *guild* and not a *clan*

Benny - what class/race and what server? I have a 65 druid and 65 hunter on Zul'jin, both Nelves.

Mock me if you want for my geeky ways, but at least this keeps me out of the Columbus libraries...

Benny Friedman said...

Anon 9:47. I have no idea what you're talking about. OK that's not entirely true. I've heard of Warcraft but that's about it. I think this post was Yost's revenge for me bailing on him last night and leaving him with no help on today's posts.

Anonymous said...

well it's all good b/c presumably you bailed to get some tail from one of the myriad blog groupies out there. Hope she rated high on a scale of Laura Quinn-Hawk to 10.

anon 9.47

Yost said...


Right, right. "Guild." That's what I meant. I was just discussing "guilds" w/ Benny while we attempted to slay a level 10 Druid Orc with our ringed sorcerer's club.

Am I close?

Yost said...

P.S. Of course that was hard to do while we were making out with all the hot chicks with us at the time.

Katherine said...

anon, I hear you about those pale yellow polos...why why why? It's just embarassing. And the boys wear them too...which is probably even more embarassing. Don't forget about the matching navy visors. VISORS!

Anonymous said...

Yost - actually you have to play a night elf or a tauren in order to be a druid...

*omgsigh* I fail at life. :)

Actually though, you'd be surprised at the number of women who do play World of Warcraft - believe it or not (I didn't) a fair number of them are college-aged and attractive and have better fashion sense than to wear baggy polo shirts and visors.

(well at least the ones who aren't U-M gals)