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Friday, February 09, 2007

Green, With Envy?

There's been quite a bit of scuttlebut regarding the unusually impresseive recruting haul made by Illinois coach Ron Zook. Thursday's edition of the sports bible that is the New York Times includes an article entitled, "Illinois Has Rivals Fuming About Its Recruiting Coup." Yesterday's Chicago Tribune features an even more provocative piece, "An ill wind blows."

Both articles examine the skeptical reaction many observers and coaches have had to the surprising signing day list inked by the Illini, a near-perennial Big Ten bottom feeder. Each piece (particularly the Tribune's) indicates that some teams are openly suspicious of the methods used by Zook and his staff in attracting players who usually would not even consider, let alone choose, a program like Illinois. Based on the information provided in these articles, the school most vocal with their suspicions seems to be Notre Dame.

Though the Tribune piece by excellent college football writer Teddy Greenstein is full of juicy details, I urge you to heed this warning: it includes a quote from Charlie Weis that references commitment, marriage, and not looking at other women. This caused me to picture Charlie with a wife, which led me to imagine Charlie having sexual relations with that wife, which resulted in me vomiting all over my laptop.


MGOBLUE94 said...

Interesting stories, but fix fix the links please.

An Ill Wind Blows

NY Times

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

I laugh about the Charlie Weis comments, because he was ESPN Radio yesterday with the same analogy. "It's all about committment...you marry your wife, you stay committed to her..." blah blah blah. (This was between bites of a ham sandwich)

MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...

I cannot help but chuckle about Weis' bellyaching. Pot - Kettle - Black.

I remember listening to Cowherd last year, before he ripped off the M-Zone that is, and Cowherd has a huge man-crush on Weis. Anyway, Cowherd was interviewing Weis about the rumors that all the other D-1 coaches don't particularly care for Weis. After the interview I recall thinking wow... Weis is such a class act. He doesn't lower himself to the level of the Meyers of the world.

I so bought into all of Cowherd's spin. Then last season, well, I changed my tune real quick. And with this thread... the hits just keep on coming.

BTW, what's with the slight against Illinois? I understand they've been down on the past few years but they were the Big - 10 rep to the BCS a few years ago. It's not like Illinois is IU or MSU!

Chicagoland is a good area for HS football. If Illinois can keep their in-state kids (which U-M cannot seem to do the past two years) and land a couple of warm weather state kids, there's no reason why Illinois cannot be a respectable program.

surrounded in columbus said...

wasn't the rap on zook @ FLA that he was a great recruiter but couldn't coach? aren't all the sr's & jr's on the MNC team his recruits?

and while recruiting @ FLA has got to be easier than @ Illinoise, it's not like he had a class of players on par w/ USC or Texas, is it? the national pollsters put this Illini class something like 3rd in the conference, not 3rd in the nation.

so, if he's a good recruiter, why is it such a shock that he put together a class better than moosu/indiana/minnesota/et al?

sounds like fat charlie (and his former qb sour grapes coach) are just being pissy over one lost recruit.

now that i think about it, if i had to go into the witness relocation program, i'd probably pick urbana/champaign instead of south bend, too.

The King said...

Ron Zook's strength as a coach is as a recruiter. He put together most of Florida's national title team, let's not forget.

Out of Conference said...

...trying desperately to come up with a "Zookerman's famous pig" joke, but failing miserably... lil help folks.

TitleIX said...

Here's a shot OOC
can't decide if you are into the new Charlotte's Web, or a throwback Brady Bunch Junkie....

Zookerman's Famous Recruiting Pig

He's some pig
Some pig
Some secretive, generous, football pig
He is some pig

Oh, wow, look at him now
Zookerman's famous recruiting pig
Suey, whaddya see?
The greatest pay-out in history!
Fine, swine, wish he was mine
So what if it's an illegal gig?
He's some secretive, generous, football winner-take-all of it
Fine, phenomena

My land, isn't he grand?
Zookerman's famous recruiting pig
Golly, you gotta agree he's a real celebrity
Fine, swine wish he was mine
So what if it's an illegal gig?
He's some secretive, generous, football winner-take-all of it pig
The secretive, generous, football
Zookerman's famous recruiting pig!

beast in 'bama said...

LOL and well done IX! Orson Swindle needs to see that one for sure - although he couldn't re-print it on EDSBS. It would just turn out
and wouldn't have quite the same lyrical flow.

As for Zooker, Sic and King are correct. He sprinkles magic dust on the corn flakes of these five-star recruits and somehow lures them into his lair. I just didn't think his magic dust would have the same effect in Champaign as it did in Gainesville.

And if his pattern holds, they will be competitive (as against OSU last season), but ultimately fall short in the big games.

The Orgeron has a similar pattern, only I think his has more to do with fear and the creative use of animal meat.

surrounded in columbus said...

that was nothing shy of "awe inspiring".


Andy said...

If I didn't already know the truth... I would say you are gifted.

Much respect.

TitleIX said...

aw shucks, guy. thx.
I'm just happy to contribute.

Out of Conference said...

Spot on T9, spot on!