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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gee, I always thought Oklahoma was flat

It's reader submitted pix like the one below that keep a college football blog rolling along in the dead of February...and put smiles - big smiles - on the faces of your humble bloggers here at the MZone.

You know, we were going to make this a Caption Contest. But that might sully something so...pure. Although, we have to ask:

Does the, uh, "break" in the spelling above mean the proper pronunciation is now Okla...homa?

And I just know there has to be a "Sooner" joke in here somewhere.



Play Tusk! said...

Meet the twins...Boomer and Sooner.

Sn00bS said...


Out of Conference said...

The real reason the onside replay call was blown.

Anonymous said...

I'm just guessing that her name is June, because Carousel had it right.....
"June is bustin' out all over
The ocean is full of Jacks and Jills,
With the little tail a-swishing'
Ev'ry lady fish is wishin'
That a male would come
And grab 'er by the gills!"
.....gills works for me!

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

See, the way I read it was "Okla..HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT THOSE TITS!!!..homa.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

Now I know why Bob Stoops turned down all those job offers.

BARman said...

"Welcome homa"

Andy said...


Out of Conference said...

I thought the spelling on the shirt was wrong, okla-OO-homa just didn't look right.

beast in 'bama said...

Although play tusk has set the bar pretty high, and I don't like talking about the land thieves, here goes...

The cheerleaders just stand her in the middle of the field and get her to swivel between one side of the stadium and the other while the crowd roars in sequence:





Out of Conference said...

Ok, fess up time. Who has come back to MZone today under the guise of "checking to see if anyone else has posted anything funny" today the most, but secretly just to check out that rack?
I'm in at close to 8 or 9 times now.

Yost said...

Hey, I'm the blog administrator. I have to come back. I mean, I don't want to. Really. I usually check this, oh, 80-90 times a day.

beast in 'bama said...

You've got me beat, Yost - but just barely. I have to admit that is one fine example of young womanhood (even if she is a Sooner).

Anonymous said...

All Ou football players are from texas so obviously she is too.No okie girls look like that! HOOKEM

MGoBlue93 said...




Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

I would love to split those uprights. I wonder if their kicker ever gets confused?

Out of Conference said...

Come on, is this article going to peter out at oly 3 days of comments? Keep the tits... err I mean the dream alive!