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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday Bonus Post: When Parents Attack!

MZone reader LAGuy sends us this appalling display from the world of youth wrestling. In it, two 10 year olds are wrestling when one kid starts to pin another using a move that the father of the kid being pinned thought was illegal. Then, well, watch...

According to the story, the whacko dad is also a wrestling coach! (or was at least). Gee, wonder what it's like in his household when he "teaches" his son.

I hope charges are filed against this clown, if for no other reason than it may stop him from seriously injuring somebody in the future - maybe even his own son.


oldwestside said...

I remember parents almost doing this in high school, running to the edge of the mat only to be restrained by the coach. My school used the front headlock as a defensive move on a failed shot, and we'd grab the chin, which is perfectly legal. Pulling the chin and twisting the neck was the opposite of what we wanted to do to continue our move. It didn't matter. Before every duel meet the ref would counsel our team about it, and as soon as we did it the opposing parents would yell illegal and twice one of them tried to run onto the mat. Insande.

The King said...

I know this simply exacerbates the problem and would put me on par with the low-life trash that would interfere in a children's sport to begin with, but...

...if someone did that to my kid, with the physicality that this guy utilized, he'd be taking a nap inside of 10 seconds. There is no way I would be able to restrain myself.

Yost said...


I agree w/ you and don't think it's exacerbating the problem in that you're defending your son who's being attacked by a nutjob.

Meechfan said...

Need help from the wrestlers here, but what if a wrestler is forcing this chicken wing hold to simply cause pain or injury, without additional movement toward an advantage? At some point, shouldn't somebody step in (considering the age of the wrestlers)? Our local news said the kid was injured as a result of this hold, and had to be taken to the hospital. A doctor agreed that the injury would probably have been worse if the Dad hadn't stepped in. The Dad obviously could have separated them in a more peaceful way - no excuse there. Thoughts?

Yost said...

Good question, Meechfan. Not being knowledgable in the sport, can't answer that. But the ref was right there. It's not like he was off watching another match.

Would also like some insight from other wrestling fans.

ohio_guy said...

just my two cents....
...but didn't it say in the video that the ref had blown the whistle and was about to stop the match?

The crazy dad just beat him there by a few seconds.

2 TE's and a balanced line said...

Is the crazy dad from Ohio?

Michael said...

Every parent should carry a weapon capable of neutralizing a cheating wrestler, parent or official. The integrity of the game should supercede the physical well being of any mere person.

My personal choice is a baseball bat, because it can also be used during little league season. Besides those goofy little helmets or ear protectors the little turds wear in no way can stop my Louisville Slugger (Norm Cash signature).

My wife prefers a tazor but she will only use it on other Moms, who she says are far more vicious than the Dads.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost that is completely inappropriate and embarrassing. The ref was all over it and that action was completely unnecessary. I wrestled for five years and was pretty good. It's hard to tell from the video exactly what the move he's using is. It's either a chicken wing or hammerlock (more likely), which offers many moves from it's establishment. The ref was stopping it for "potentially dangerous" which means he was elevating the arm at a sharper than 90 degree angle (make a 90 degree angle with your arm, put it behind your back, if your hand goes higher it's illegal). This puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder but I'd be SHOCKED if it injured the other kid because it didn't seem like he was trying to rip the kid's shoulder out of it's socket. As far as not moving toward advantage...he was clearly moving toward advantage, probably a little too quick in fact, and was just a little sloppy on his execution.
Meechfan, as a personal aside, I would purposely make these moves last as long as possible specifically to inflict and prolong the pain. It's a huge part of the sport, and while it might not be appropriate for kids this young to be wrestling with that intent, the lesson will be learned sooner rather than later. It's definitely a sport that will make you grow up quickly and requires a great deal of restraint from parents to let their children take their lumps and become everything they can be. Sad that wasn't the case here.

Sorry so long winded, but finally: where did this happen?

MGoBlue93 said...

King... if you're going after the nutjob parent, it's okay. If you're going after the kid, I think the problem is being exacerbated. Like anon says below, the ref was on top of things.

michael... you're a load that should have been swallowed. Please don't have kids. I see far too many fucking assholes like you at youth events.

anon... It's definitely a sport that will make you grow up quickly and requires a great deal of restraint from parents to let their children take their lumps and become everything they can be

it's just not wrestling, it's all youth sports. I have a U12 girls soccer team; we're pretty good but it's stressful being the coach. There's some Focus on the Family types that say I put too much emphasis on winning; the other half of the parents say I'm not competitive enough. I've seen on more than one occasion the police have to come to protect refs, coaches and haul parents off. I've had more than one parent be abusive to their kids and had to be removed from the sideline. Up in Denver some clubs have a silent side line rule and the other clubs physically separate the players from both teams and their parents on opposite sides of the field.

Unfortunately, only about 10 percent of the parents I've ever come in contact with actually teach their kids class and discipline and how to win and how to take their lumps. The other 90% are really no different than the clown in this video. Sometimes it's verbal and mental abuse rather than the physical stuff. What makes things really worse is there are a lot of well-off folks in my area. They're the worst because they think their income justifies their boorish behavior.

Anonymous said...

wow...my question is this: is the dad the son of woody? ahhahaha

p.s. more importantly the reporter is pretty hott in my book

Anonymous said...

Seriously mgoblue93? You really can't catch the sarcasm of michael's post? You're the type of load that needed to be swallowed. Knee jerk, hyper-concerned, fist biting morons that can't take a joke. Other than that your comments were pretty sensible. Completely hiding the humorless stiff behind the wise words.

MGoBlue93 said...

I'm guessing Anon 1:03 is really michael.

Not buying your rant man... Buckstache -- sometimes almost too easy to make fun of. Beer bongs -- funny. Cheerleaders gone wild -- entertaining. Videos of adults attacking kids and then making fun of it -- not the least bit funny or deserving of that level of sarcasm.

What you wrote is the exact same thing the guy who jokes about a bomb while in line at the airport says and then wonders why security hauls him off.

Parents like this are becoming an epidemic. Cal Ripken has devoted an entire movement to preventing stuff like this. This past fall, it seemed like every Monday morning there was an article about parents gone berserk at a high school football games.

Tim said...

In the past I would've looked at this as ridiculous, but now that I have a kid on the way I look at this as scary. If for no other reason than the fact that had it happened to my son there's no way I could've restrained myself from going after the guy & that in & of itself isn't appropriate around all those kids.

There really should be some sort of tougher action taken against this guy.

Anonymous said...

No, no blue93. Anon 1:03 isn't michael. For whatever reason the sign-in page keeps giving me crap so it was easier to post anonymously. I usually sign in as the raterinks.
This is a blog on the internet, not a column in the New York Times. Just look at the title of this bit: "When Parents Attack". That there is a humorous nod to all those ridiculous "When (fill in the blank) Attack(s)" shows that were so popular in the recent past. Sure, the a-hole dad was out of line unless he was really trying to protect his son from real harm but I highly doubt michael's comments are going to spark a slew of parents attacking. This blog is geared toward humorous takes and funny spins on (sometimes) serious topics but if you feel the need to carry the torch for all the oppressed then I guess I'd have to applaud you. But let's not stop at whacko parents attacking. No, there are manatees in FLorida and some fly in the over-developed regions of California that need someone like you to champion their cause. Carry on, my champion and hero, carry on!

Michael said...

Blue93...we want you to lead our expedition to Australia to wipe out all stingrays and manta rays from their national and international waters. Once we have eradicated the animals that attacked and killed Steve Irwin and left little Biddy fatherless, we will move on to our next target...why not fathers who push kids? Little league Dads beware...you can run but not hide from Mgoblue93.

oldwestside said...

Nothing is illegal about that move. It is potentially dangerous if the arm goes too high, but ref's alway stop that as a caution. In fact, when in that hold, a good defense is to move your own arm into a more hurtful position so the ref calls for a stop. I did that in high school against former Michigan wrestler Jeremiah Tobias; the guy was a high school stud, and I was pretty good, but didn't have the physical strength to be on the mat with him. The ref stopped it, and he started to scream "he was doing it to himself!" Yeah, I lost that match.