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Friday, February 23, 2007

Beer Bong Friday: jeff...Jeff...JEFF!

Wake and bong!


Anonymous said...

What did they have in there,3 shots of beer! Weak Jeff,very very weak.

Out of Conference said...

Style points: 8/10 (not bad, anyone can wake-n-bake, but how many of us can stand-n-slam?)

Quantity: 2/10 (he doesn't get a 1 simply because we're not positive the dixie cup volume of beer wasn't dosed with Wild Turkey.)

Coed Factor: 0/10 (Come on Jeff, you're in a cheap hotel room and you slept in your clothes?!? We know no chick has been in that bed with you)

Overall: 3.3 but they day is young, Jeff, the day is young.

Ddub said...

jeez you guys are harsh on this dude

ShaunTX said...

GOD I miss those days :(

Jeff, personally I give you a thumbs up for a beer bong (lord help them if it was less then 1 beer) in the first minute of your day. Nice.

Go Blue Gabe said...

Come on OOC you can't punish him that much for quantity. He had no say as he was sleeping.It could of been a whole beer. Maybe he's just really fast. The coed part okay I agree. But the style has got to be a ten.

Howard21 said...

If he was smart he went back to the co-ed's room and then slept in his own room later. How would it feel to wake up next to her? Awwwkkkkwwaaarrddd

Anonymous said...

2/10. Did you see the flag in the background?