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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beer Bong Friday and Your Life vs. College Life all in one


The guys in accounting decide to pull one over on Dave in the last cubicle by pretending to be their boss and calling him to say he has to come in on Saturdays to work on the TPS reports. Hillarity ensues and everybody laughs about it for hours after work over beers at the local Hooters.


You grab a mask and a loaded beer bong before running into a class you're supposed to be in to do this...

Ah, college.


Out of Conference said...

If you take my red beer bong, I'll torch the place.

I'm still cracking up at the vid. Nice work, Yost. I'm definitely recommending you to HR for a spot bonus. I love the Yeoowwwwwwwww!!!!

ShaunTX said...

I usually forward these on to my college buddies who are now cubicle jockeys like me. But that's when hot chicks are involved.

I can't make myself forward on a tool-box, screaming "WOOOOOO!!!!", beer bonging tho....

Tim said...

I gotta say that made me almost laugh. Maybe I'm still young enough to find that amusing or something, but it definitely made me smile.

Go Blue Gabe said...

One word...Brilliant!

Seriously though. Best beer bong of the week yet.

theweiler said...

Hmm... Is this in the MLB at U-M?

Ungar Kelt said...

I know that dude - the masked Gary Moeller Jr. is a chip off the ole block