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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yes, Another Minnesota Post

I know a lot of MZone readers feel we spend too much time posting about Minnesota, and sometimes it's hard to argue with them. In fact, a few people have pointed out that they think the "M" in "MZone" really stands for "Minnesota."

Look, I wouldn't say we're obsessed with the Gophers, but it's true that they do get a lot of mentions on this site. Of course, when we're given so much great material by them and as our main rival due to the Little Brown Jug, how can we avoid it?

Of course the worst part for us is, each time we mention them, I know the Gopher trolls like Gopher1377 and MinnesotaOverUSC are going to flood our comments saying things like "2005, bitch!," or that Mason "pwned" Lloyd, and the old standard: "You can't spell Lloyd without two Ls...ok, actually you can do it with one 'L' unless you go back and count 1986." But with the stats to back it up, like that lone victory since the Reagan Administration, sometimes, we have to just take it.

That's why, with so much animosity between our two schools, we put up as many posts as we do and have to get our shots in whenever we can. Especially against their fans who once pointed at a U-M fan who strayed into the Metrodome for a game said, "Hey, you're from Michigan!"

But, for a change, this post is not a poke at our bitter rodent rivals. It's actually a bit of Big 10 news that we couldn't avoid posting about: Minnesota is set to announce that Tim Brewster will be named the new head coach of Golden Gopher football. Brewster, who captained the Big Ten winning Illinois team in 1984 (you remember, the one that coach Mike White built and then paid for with NCAA sanctions), was most recently tight ends coach with the Denver Broncos.



Tim Brewster?



Crabapple Buck said...

If they had waited a week, they could have had Tony Dungy after he gets fired for losing to New England again.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

They should have put it to the voters....Coach Ventura?

Lichty said...

Glen Mason is a pretty good coach considering what he had to work with, but he could not win close games when Minnesota was ahead. He aslo had a horrible relationship with the local alumni and HS coaches.

He had to go as the Minnesota is trying to pay for their stadium they needed someone who could put some energy back into the program.

There is not much HS Football talent in Minnesota, so the Minnesota coach must at least be in a position to get what is there.

By all accounts Brewster is a great recruiter (he is credited with recruiting Vince Young) and Minnesota will need it, as their talent, especially on defense has always been a glass ceiling for them.

I think it was a good move and I do not think Dungy would have considered it (intersestingly, another famous alum, Flip Saunders will probably take their basketball job at the end of the season).

Editor said...

I know a lot of Texas fans consider Brewster to be one of the two best recruiters that Mack Brown has had on staff since he's been in Austin. That's saying something.

Zippy said...

Lou Holtz. Tanned. Rested. Ready.

Oh, what could have been.

surrounded in columbus said...

i didn't have time to read this/comment on this yesterday, but this is very funny. unfortunately, its subtle, so i had to read it a couple of times to catch the obesession/minnoverusc/"owned" references, but very nice. maybe one your best "tongue in cheek" pieces yet.

and i think this happens to be one of the stupidest coaching moves in recent history. if you look @ the gopher's record from about 1965 thru today, the only bright spots are Holtz's and Mason's tenures (i still remember that f'ing ricky froggy). mason has taken them to a bowl pretty consistently, which isn't anything to dismiss lightly.

what i don't get is if minn wanted to really up the profile of the program, why go out and hire an obscure TE coach from the NFL? i don't care what he did at UT, when they announced this, the collective world went "who?".

seriously, how many gopher fans heard this and said- gee, now that we have tim brewster, i think i'll buy one of them sky boxes for $500k? to fire a winning coach for a big name, high media replacement would be one thing (hell, for $4.5 million, they could have probably got saban to leave 'bama), but this makes less sense than nebraska firing solich after a winning season and hiring callaghan (people had at least heard of him).