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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yeah, It's A Good Thing College Football Doesn't Do It Like This

What a great scenario it was that played out on Sunday. There were four great teams battling to go to the championship game. Four great and distinct stories. Both games played on the same day, back to back. A veritable orgy for a football lover.

The first game looked to be a blowout early, then got tight, and then the home team took over. For the last 10 minutes or so, the home fans - as numerous, devoted and loyal as any in sports - were able to share in this historic moment with their team, singing their fight song. They were also able to celebrate with their neighbors who they've known for the past 40 years only from the eight Sundays they spend together each Fall.

The second game featured a tremendous comeback that looked to fall just short. The seemingly snake bitten home team just didn't seem to have enough to slay the dragon that has kept them from drinking from the championship chalice so many times. But in the end the home crowd was once again able to celebrate.

And now we can look forward to a matchup of two great, history-laden franchises and crown a true champion of football for the 2006 season. No committees, no voting, no politics. Just great football.

Yeah, it's a good thing college football doesn't do it like this.

Instead we get teams rigging their schedules so they can be more likely to avoid a loss. We see teams running up the scores against limited opponents to impress schmucks like Mark May and Matt Hayes. We get about 300 meaningless bowl games leading up to the title game - where the participants are voted in, not unlike the way the "American Idol" finalists are chosen.

Sure, we'll occasionally see a Boise State-Oklahoma classic, but ultimately that was just an exhibition game. Yesterday's Patriots-Colts battle actually meant something on the field. And that makes it even more memorable, whether you're a die-hard Colts fan, or just a football fan. And that's why so many people still consider college football the minor leagues.

1 comment:

Out of Conference said...

I wish I watched more of the games on Sunday. I agree that college football should have playoffs, but that's where I draw the line on similarities. To me the NFL has nothing on college ball despite media's attempt to put them in the same light. NFL is slightly less of the circus freak show that the NBA has become, but give it time. College ball too is heading down that path, but it still has some claim to something other than athletics to bolster its support and image. It has an alumni base, it has academics, it has young malleable minds, it has the prestige of 100-300+ year old institutions of higher learning. I think most of us have a pro team as our favorite that we might cheer for, most of us, however, are downright obsessive about a college team.
I have never seen a pro-rivalry cause divorces, murders, family members to hate each other or be kicked out of the house- although I'm sure it happens. It's a common occurence with college rivalries.

OT: I see the ads are getting pretty subtle on here. My word verification was "eloan" hahaha