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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Happened To The Hula Bowl?

I noticed that the Hula Bowl was on ESPN on Sunday night. I actually flipped up there for a few minutes, but didn't watch for long. I found the game kind of depressing.

I remember as a kid really enjoying the Hula Bowl. The stadium was pretty full, all of the top college players were playing, the game was a major ABC broadcast and it didn't come at the end of an already full football day.

Now the game is in some tiny stadium, many of the top players don't participate for fear of lowering their draft status, only seniors are allowed to play, and ESPN sends the Gary Thorne-Andre Ware crew, so you know it's not a high priority game.

So what happened? Did I enjoy it more as a kid because there were only three channels and my choices were so limited? Is it because the quality of players and thus the quality of play has diminished? Or is it because there are so many bowl games on TV now, that another one, like the Hula Bowl, is just gluttonous, and gives most fans no real reason to watch? Kind of like the International Bowl.


surrounded in columbus said...

had just read Yost's post above this one. i'm probably 10-20 years older than you guys, but when did you see high school all star games on national tv? from what i could see from the clip, the place was packed and had more media hype than seemly.

the explosion of internet and cable exposure has flooded fans w/ "things" to watch (along w/ the addition of dozens of new bowls). by the time you reach this point, you've been awash in college football for a full month of bowls and the timing is much different (BCS was only a week ago).

add that to the additional all star games for seniors, none of these games are as "special" as they once were- too much dilution.

Out of Conference said...

They should have had the Hula Bowl on TV yesterday during the holiday. At least then there would be something resembling sports to watch besides world poker tour, strongest man competition, and paintball.

Hornet1978 said...

I remember the Hula Bowl being on NBC on a Saturday afternoon...used to be 'ole Charlie Jones did the PBP. The game is back at Aloha Stadium and Sunday's crowd was pathetic compared to what it used to be.

TitleIX said...

and Hawaii used to seem soooooo mysterious and far far away when we were kids.

the magic is gone, alas....

Yancey said...

To many more all-star games, watered downed the talent pool, on a playoff sunday

Mathew said...

Not to mention that Zwick was the starter for one team.