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Thursday, January 11, 2007

U-M's 5-Star QB Recruit Shines at All-Star Game

Much has been made about "prized" ND QB recruit Jimmy Clausen. I guess that's what happens when the kid shows up to announce his college choice in a limo. But check out Stewart Mandel's comments on SI.com following last Saturday's U.S. Army All-America Game for the country's top high school players:

"I think the most interesting development to come out of Saturday’s U.S. Army All-America Game is the cloud of skepticism that’s starting to surround all-everything Notre Dame QB recruit Jimmy Clausen. From what I was told by people who were there, Clausen didn’t look nearly as good as Michigan recruit Ryan Mallet. And a New York Times feature on Clausen prior to the game included several anonymous critiques from coaches questioning his attitude and level of competition in high school."

Not so good news for ND. Very good news for Michgan.

To see what Mandel's talking about, our good pal JZ put this clip together of Ryan Mallet highlights from that game. The kid looked great!

Welcome to A2, Ryan. Glad to have you aboard.

Go Blue!

(HT: Kev for the SI article)


dtw2phx said...

Wow. This kid is from Texas and he's not gonna stay down there?? Holy crap! That's awesome!!!

Welcome to the north, boy!! :-)

MGoBlue93 said...

Wow. This kid is from Texas and he's not gonna stay down there?? Holy crap! That's awesome!!!

d2p 9:40 PM

Either that or perhaps he realized Mack Brown is the Southwest's version of Urban Cryer?!

Do you really trust anything Mandel says??? The guy is a hack. He's SI's version of Woody Paige.

At any rate, welcome aboard Ryan! Go Blue... you're a Michigan Man now... not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

But then again, if Coach Carr insists on running the ball to the short side of the field every other play, and the other team knows its coming, I'm not sure how much a blue chip recruit can do when eventually given the keys to the U of M car.

I know it's fashionable to bash Carr and I'm trying not to but it's hard to resist. The group of people I was with were being a bunch of smart asses at the Rose Bowl and trying to tongue in cheek predict the play calling (mostly in the 2nd half) while Michigan was in the huddle... the problem is, we were right 80% of the time. The USC folks around us were shocked.

Eric said...

Did that say 6'7"? Jesus Christ. My shitty internet connection didn't let me get past the first few seconds.

Scott Boswell said...


Texas lost out on Mallett because they were keying on John Brantley. Make no mistake, Mallett would have been a Texas recruit if we didn't rush his decision. But, alas, Mallett has gone to A2 and Brantley recently decommitted to Florida. So, we get the egg on our face.

To compare Mack to Meyer is unfair. While an outsider can certainly accuse them of whining...didn't their teams prove it on the field? Texas beat Michigan in the Rose while Cal got spanked by Texas Tech. Florida wins the MNC while Michigan gets bitch slapped against USC.

Does the Michigan connection make them a "Cryer"? Just trying to find out where they were unfairly, or unjustly, awarded what they crid about.

One Man Gang said...

Did they say he weighs 260? Jesus. How big is Tebow? That dude looks enormous on the field.

beast in 'bama said...

The following is a quote from Kirk Bohls, a columnist covering the game for the Austin American-Statesman in his Sunday column:

"Overshadowing everyone were ferocious linebacker Chris Galippo, a Southern Cal commitment who made seven tackles, and cannon-armed Texarkana quarterback and future Michigan Wolverine Ryan Mallett, who's only built like a linebacker."

That was the only mention of Mallett in the column (Bohls always covers this game primarily from a UT perspective), but he also managed to slip in a little criticism of Clausen.

"Brown (Texas commit WR/CB Curtis Brown) easily outshined Notre Dame-bound Jimmy Clausen, so the Irish might go easy with Clausen's prediction that he will bring four national championships to South Bend. Uh, Jimmy, could you start with a bowl victory?"

Out of Conference said...

Mallet sounds like a hulluva great pickup. Congrats.

The more and more we learn about Jimmy Clausen, the more I really feel dirty- like you just shared your love feelings for a girl in high school only to find out she's nailed everyone in school, including your brother.

I remember prior to September of Jimmy's 11th grade year, 3 or 4 schools got their hands smacked for sending him love letters. Spurrier sent him one on a Gamecock notepad saying good luck his junior year, play hard, study hard, etc. I think SoCal sent him something similar and so did I believe Michigan and maybe Tenn. You know, nothing harmful, but it broke the NCAA rule for contact before Sept of their 11th grade year.

Glad we're getting Garcia. Hopefully he keeps his committment even though Rice is now declared for the draft and signed an agent.

MGoBlue93 said...

To compare Mack to Meyer is unfair

Scott Boswell 5:15 AM

The hell it is...

Have Longhorn country become a bunch of revisionist historians?

Mack brown complained about the BCS and lobbied for a Rose Bowl birth (which ultimately lead to Texas's field goal victory over U of M) in exactly the same manner and duration as Meyer in 2004.

Scott Boswell said...


What were the results?

Brown whined Texas into the Rose Bowl over Cal. Texas gave a great finish to win and Cal got spanked in the Holiday Bowl by Texas Tech.

Meyer whined to get Florida into the MNC. Florida is the NC and Michigan got spanked by USC.

Please point out where these whines resulted in the wrong decisions being made. Seems to me that both Texas and Florida proved that they belonged there while the bridesmaid proceeded to get violated.

If you want to have a valid case, point to ou getting to play USC over Auburn, ou getting spanked, and Auburn finishing the season undefeated.

Or how about the year before when ou didn't even win their conference (which eliminates them from an automatic bid) but still got to play LSU instead of USC.

Michigan had their shot at Ohio State and lost. I don't see the unjustice that Meyer gave you.

It all worked out in the end.

MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...


I see your point and fair enough...

But, it seems like you rationalize that if whining and whoring your program out to the national media, and you eventually win the game, then the means to the end is indeed justified -- just be man enough to admit it that way.

In the meantime, I challenge you to find a post of mine on the board where I did not say congrats to Florida... or that I didn't say Texas or Florida was the better team; since I have to spell it out for you, it's a matter of integrity and class (see Pete Carroll... when has he whined -- never. See Carr... he's a jerk to the press but he's never whined either).

Again, if you want to believe that Meyer and Brown were justified, I can live with that -- Just don't even think of fussing when someone calls out your coach for a lack of class... live by the sword, die by the sword.

Thanks for the comments... appreciated this discussion!

steven said...

a huge difference is that Meyer talked shit about Michigan, however Mack never said shit about Cal. He only said that Texas deserved to play in a BCS game.