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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two Minute Drill

Here's a helping of various things that have been sent to us or that we've run across while scouring this here Internets. If you see anything that you think might be of interest to us, send them along to the e-mail address in the column to the left.

* Have you ever wondered who paints the Michigan helmets? Did you even know the helmets actually get painted every year? OK, neither did I. But Russ Hawkins has been doing it for the past 40 years. And he lives in Ohio!

* Will has an interesting analysis of the effects of the ridiculous clock rule enacted for the 2006 season.

* Run the 40 in 7.4? Have the coordination of a drunken hobo? Tip the scales at two and half bills despite being 5 foot 8? No problem. Your future as a college football recruit is only one call away. As long as you can get Million Dollar Booty out of your DVD player, you too can learn how to get recruited to the big-time schools.

* Most of you probably know that making a typo in your browser can lead you to some, uh, interesting sites. It used to be that typing whitehouse.com instead of whitehouse.org sent you to a porn site instead of the President's.

Well, I guess it means we've made the big time since our URL has been hijacked in a similar way. Although, I have to say we're a bit disappointed that "michiganzone.blogpsot.com" (note that the g and p are transposed) doesn't bring up porn, but rather a Bible site with spam advertising. I guess somebody is trying to "save" those of you with poor typing skills who are coming to the MZone to check out semi-naked co-eds.

Oh, and may the pieces of shit that did this rot in a pit of hell fire for all eternity.

P.S. And God doesn't love you, either. Seriously. He thinks you're a dick for using web hijacking to get His word out. He said it reminded him of something Pat Robertson would do.

(HT: AS)

* Although this sounds like something more suited for Ralph Friedgen or Phil Fulmer, it's in fact Joe Paterno whose likeness will grace the boxes of donuts and cinamon buns.

(HT: DW)


Aram said...

What a great article about the helmet painter. An interesting aside, the Michigan hockey helmets have taped wings, not painted. Why? Because pucks chip paint, and inhaling those paint chips is supposedly really, really horrible. So they restripe them with tape several times per season.

Scarlet & Gray Matters said...

OOPS... talk about embarrassing... whitehouse.org is not the President's website and it's very anti-Bush!

whitehouse.gov will take you to Washington DC