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Thursday, January 11, 2007

To our readers...

The MZone has become more popular than Benny and I could have ever hoped or dreamed. And much of that success is owed to you, the MZone reader. You folks send us stuff that literally has us howling. We truly enjoy all the emails we get, even if its just a quick note saying how much you enjoy the site. Trust us when we say, sometimes it's things like that that keep us spending so much time keeping our little blog chugging along.

However, we now get so much email that to respond to each and every email individually - as we've tried to do in the past - has started to add much more time to our blogging day. Sometimes as much as working on the posts themselves. Which is tough because, while the MZone is a hobby we both love, we have these real jobs and - contrary to the stereotype of bloggers - relationships to maintain (ok, so it's just Benny's WARCRAFT clan group that his mom lets meet in their basement once a month, but still).

Thus, while we promise to continue to read each and every email we receive, we won't be able to reply to them all. It was either that or so long WARCRAFT. And that is a line in the sand (and Benny's mom's basement) we simply refuse to cross.

Thanks for reading!

Benny & Yost


runngunn29 said...

That was beautiful boys, just beautiful. Tear....

Yost said...

Which part, RG, the WARCRAFT stuff, right?

Jim said...

You want to hear something funny? I found your blog after reading about Colin Cowherd ripping it off without credit. At least something positive came from that joker's show.

Nice job, gentlemen.

Scott Boswell said...

Let me translate for you Yost:

See, I am a tank and Benny is a Priest. I just went prot spec a few months ago after I got a nice drop from Rag in MC. I outrolled some noob and had crusader put on it. It pwned.

If we are gonna have a chance against Nax, we need Benny's full attention to buffs, dispells and heals. If he can't commit because of all the email, he will be docked some serious DKP. We don't need that kind of guild drama over on the message boards. It f*cks with our recruiting.

Guild Leader

Hope this helps!

Out of Conference said...

So what are you saying Yost and Benny, that you just want to be friends? Is that how it is? You're just bitches trying to act all that. Well quit trying to front like a special guest at Neverland Ranch. When I win Project Runway, you'll be coming back faster than Richard Gere with his gerbil.

Keep up the good work by the way.

surrounded in columbus said...

w/the exception of title ix, i think i speak for everyone when i say that i've been dumped by a lot prettier bloggers than you.

beast in 'bama said...

Frankly boys, I was always surprised that you did respond to every single e-mail I ever sent you. But after several months, I came to the realization that's just how you operate.

My late father always taught me that integrity was doing the right thing even when you knew nobody was looking. You've demonstrated that and then some.

Scott, should I be glad that I don't have a clue what you just said? Would Subcommandante Wayne from EDSBS be pleased?

OOC, Richard Gere and his gerbil? LOL, but I don't have a clue what it means! Perhaps it's better that way.

Out of Conference said...

BiB, I regret like hell some of the crap that I retained that I have heard opeople talking about. Why I retained the funny fact that Rchard Gere was accused of inserting a gerbil where it wouldn't normally want to go, but have trouble remembering to bring my lunch with me to work is beyond me.

I too was impressed at always getting a response from Yost to my emails.

By the way - does anyone get the login pop-up window to www.jcwharton.com, Wharton Family web, everytime they click into these comment areas here lately?

Chadwick said...

out of conference,

I keep getting that pop-up too. It started a couple of days ago, but I just ingored it. I'm glad that it is not just happening to me.

beast in 'bama said...

OOC, I get the Wharton thing too, but only on certain posts. Seems like it only happens after a particular person posts a response...Thought it might be Srudoff at first, but then I changed my mind.

Hell, it might even be me!

Either way, there's a bug in the system somewhere.

Jim said...

Well, that's my website, but I don't have a clue why that would be happening. I also thought it was only (and rightly) happening to me. The site has a blog hosted by Blogger, but I don't see how the two could have gotten crossed. I'll poke around on my end, but if anyone knows what I need to do to fix it, let me know at jim@jcwharton.net.

Yost said...

Jim, OOC,

I get it, too! Damn. I was wondering what it was as well. At least we know.

Well, that's a flaw somewhere.

beast in 'bama said...

Jim, if it helps any, I can't see your picture next to your name. A tiny rectangle appears as though there MIGHT be an image there, but it's just a box. Also, I am blocked from pulling up your profile.

Combined with the login dialog box that keeps popping up, I get the feeling there is some kind of security issue with the Wharton family blog that is extended to you whenever you post somewhere else. There's probably a check box with a check in it somewhere that ought not to be checked.

Jim said...

AHA!!!! Beast, the fact that you can't see the image clued me in.

In my Blogger profile, my photo is linked to a file on my site (which is password protected, because my wife is crazy paranoid about people seeing pictures of our daughter). When you try to view a comments page with one of my posts, you're also trying to access my site...yada, yada, yada.

Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

MGoBlue93 said...

Still getting the Wharton login... 1:30 PM MST 10 Jan 2007.

beast in 'bama said...

mgo93: That might be because of Jim's earlier posts on this thread...

I'll bet we won't know for sure until Jim posts to a thread for the first time.

Does that make sense to anyone but me?

Jim said...

Yeah, you may still get it on this and other older comment pages where my photo accompanies my posts. Shouldn't happen on future pages, though.

Andy said...


If you want to still have a photo with your posts, try hosting the image on something easy like photobucket.com

it works great.

TitleIX said...

ok, I don't know what's worse...the WARCRAFT shit that went right over my head (with a sonic BOOOM) or the tech support!
I LOVE you guys.

btw--I'm getting the Wharton link too. 11:55 PM EST.

AND, back on topic.....
Are you guys saying that your WIVES are more important than ME???? IS that it???

"Well, what am I supposed to do? You won't answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan (Yost)!"

Yost said...

LOL, T9. And I'm actually thankful you DIDN'T get the Warcraft ref.

And while we may not be able to be together all the time, T9, we'll always have Cowherd.

hocus.pocus said...

so when do we get to see these pictures of jim's daughter? must be something special if they're all locked up, right?

Jim said...

My wife's primary concern is pedophiles. She's four, jerky.

And short of Benny or Yost deleting the old posts on this page, you will continue to see the pop up. It should be taken care of on future comment pages. Yeesh.

Jim said...

"She's four..."

My daughter, not my wife. :)